Job Hunting? What Every Hijabi Professional Should Know

Hijabi Professional

Hijabi Professional

As a professional, I know it can be a challenge to look for a job while wearing hijab. Fortunately, I was always able to let my credentials shine enough for potential employers to not notice my hijab at all. That being said, while job hunting, I did run into a few places that were not as culturally aware. It is nearly impossible for any employer to be blind to the limitations that potential candidates may pose. For example, in the U.S., married women may have a harder time with employment because employers may worry about pregnancy. Orthodox Jewish candidates may also face untold discrimination with requests to keep Sabbath.

My dear family friend Murshed Chowdhury wrote a wonderful article on the blog Life Hacker that details how to handle job hunting with non traditional issues such as hijab. I can not tell you how helpful this article will be for all of you fellow hijabi professionals. Here are some of my own tips for anyone who is a hijabi looking for a job:

  • Make Sure You Are Qualified: This sounds like a no brainer, but I don’t know how many times in my own hiring process that I notice applicants who are not qualified applying for roles that would not work well for them. Yes, you should strive for your dreams, but also be realistic. For example, in law school, I realized I love to write. Rather than quit school and try to apply for journalism postings, I created my own blog while I studied. This helped me gain critical experience that I needed in order to land my job with Thomson Reuters later. If you want to be a designer at a big company, try working as an intern at a small design house in order to gain the experience you need.
  • Submit Your Resume Electronically: I know this seems odd, but I have noticed in my own experience that my resume is noticed a lot more when it is a stand alone piece. Once a potential employer sees my experience and educational background, they are more likely to make a call and do a phone screen. It also helps to network and tell your friends and family that you are looking for a job in particular industry. While I am pretty sure they won’t have a job lined up for you, they may know someone who is. It is all about networking.
  • Build A Team You: In law school, I created a team I called Team Minara. This is a team that is comprised of friends, family, and mentors. Any time I needed advice, I turned to them. Remember that even when you land that job you keep in touch with your team. I still keep in touch with my team because they are the ones who got me where I am. Make sure that you build out your own team so that you can turn to them during your job hunt and even beyond that.
  • Always Be A Professional Through The Process: If a potential employer wants you to do a phone screen or interview, make sure that you are on time, look clean and polished and that you have done your research not only on the specifics of the role you are interviewing for, but the company and its culture as well.
  • Never Compromise: People respect your morals and values….if you stick by them. Don’t flip flop on where you stand because it can get confusing for colleagues. It also shows that you don’t have the discipline to stand for what you believe in. I remember how I refused to drink and my colleagues were confused because another Muslim colleague did. Well they lost respect for the Muslim colleague who did in the long run. While I say never compromise, that does not mean that you miss out on office parties or other workplace events. Just make sure you are cordial and that you respect others as you would like to be respected.

I hope that these tips help you all in finding that job of your dreams. Let me know how your own job hunt goes and I may feature you on Hijabi Life!

LJ Originals By Layla Jalanbo

Chantilly High Waisted Skirt

Chantilly High Waisted Skirt


I am always inspired by the beautiful hijabis of the Bay area, so when I saw my girlfriend Sana rocking her skirt for Eid, I knew I had to get it! Ladies, if you are looking for high quality hijabi friendly skirts that are sewn by a fellow hijabi designer, please try LJ Originals by Layla Jalanbo. Layla is extremely talented and all about making sure each piece is specially made just for you. I have to say, her pieces are in limited stock. So far, her skirts are all sold out, but the one featured above called the Chantilly High Waisted skirt is still available.

I personally chose the Chantilly high waisted skirt for myself since it is a romantic print and I am all about romance. I love it! Whether you are curvy or long and lean, this skirt has the most stunning shape and flow. Trust me, I own plenty of designer pieces and none of my skirts are this beautiful.

Make sure to like the LJ Originals by Layla Jalanbo Facebook page as well! Let me know when you order one of her items and I may feature you on Hijabi Life!

A Key To A Happy Muslim Marriage

Muslim couple, sunset

A happy Muslim couple

Jumah mubarak my lovelies! I hope that you are all doing well on this Friday inshallah. I have been doing a lot of fashion/style/beauty posts so I decided to do a Muslim lifestyle blog post today on marriage. I wanted to do it on a topic that I think is super important because I feel like young Muslim couples are being pushed more than ever to part over things that may not be worth fighting over. Just as a background, I will be celebrating my own 4 year anniversary with the Hubster next week inshallah. Over those years, I had to learn a few things the HARD way. I wanted to share one of the key elements that I found my own marriage much happier.

One of the things that I noticed that really affected my marriage was nagging. Yes, ladies, while nagging works in the short term, one of the awful long term effects is that your husband starts to resent it (and maybe even you) and then he will start to ignore you and tune you out. It is tempting to resort to nagging, but let me tell you, it is not worth it if it will poison your marriage over time. If there are any brothers reading this, let me also tell you that while your wife may be driving you crazy with her nagging, you need to critically think about why she is nagging too. Does she have a valid point? Then just do yourself a favor and listen to what your wife is trying to say.

At this point, I try not to nag, but if something is bothering me or is important, I let the Hubster know. Since I am not a chronic nagger, he actually takes what I say seriously and listens (for the most part….I still have not won my war against socks on the floor…if there is a wife who has please let me know your secret!). One of the most important things I learned from my older married couples is that you need to stop nagging because it makes your husband feel like a child. When he feels like a child, he will act like one which is not what either of you want.

How do you stop nagging? Here are some tips:

  • Notice what your husband is doing right. Does he call you to tell you he loves you? Does he make the bed for you? Does he change the oil in your car? My Hubster always surprises me with flowers, helps with the baby, and does other little things. When I feel tempted to nag, I remind myself of ALL of these good things.
  • Is the thing you want to nag him about a recurring issue? If it is a recurring issue that is important to you, you should talk it over with your husband. However, if this is a bad habit that is not going to break, assess if this is something you can live with. For me, rather than nag about socks on the floor, I just pick them up and put them away.
  • Tell your husband you love him. I sometimes forget how express how much I care for my husband. I have started to remind myself that just because he is a man, doesn’t mean he needs any less love than I do.

I hope these tips help you in some way, and that we can all be blessed with happy marriages. Are there are any tips you have? Let me know in the comments box!

Win A FREE Hijab from Hijab-ista!



Salaam Ladies! As you know, I love the site Hijab-ista for my scarf needs. They have a ton of cool clothes, hijabs, and hijab accessories. Did I mention that they also ship really fast too? Well if you want to learn more about them and get a chance to win a FREE hijab of your choice, make sure to like the Hijab-ista Facebook page and share the photo on your own Facebook page. It’s really that simple. I hope one of you ladies win (iA) and let me know if you do! I personally would DIE for one of their lace hijabs. It seems so mysteriously stylish.

Hijab Fashion Trend: Purple Passion

A Lot of hijabis are going dark with not only their hijab color palette, but also their makeup. Normally, I prefer smoky eyes and a nude lipstick, but there is something so alluring about bold purple lipstick paired with flawless skin. The key to not looking like a goth wannabe is making sure that you have some color in the form of bronzer or blush on your face.

I think it’s still a little too daring for me, but I definitely will try a purple ombre scarf soon iA!

Review: Rent The Runway

Okay, I can admit that I am a fashion junkie. So when I received a promotional gift card in my December Birchbox to try a site called Rent the Runway, I was so excited! So far, the sign up and the actual process of ordering the dress I wanted was painless. They even give you a free backup size dress (perfect for hijabis who don’t want something too tight). I also was able to chat online in real time with a stylist about what size dress to order any way. I explained that I am a hijabi and she was so excited!

This site is perfect for hijabis who want to dress nicely for special occasions yet don’t want to spend hundreds on a dress they will only wear once. I ordered the Alice by Temperley dress above for my best friend’s wedding. I will let you know how the dress fits and looks once I get it in January. In the meantime, make sure to check Rent the Runway out if you are a budget hijabi fashionista!

Quick update: For hijabis who adore desi clothes, check out Borrow It Bindaas.

Hijabi Trend Alert: Ornate Hijab Jewels

Happy Monday lovely ladies! I hope that you had an amazing weekend. I was very busy running after my chubster. With my Hubster being busier than ever with work, I am getting a workout chasing after our baby! One thing I always manage to do is catch up on my stylish hijabis in action on social media channels. Do you know what I noticed?

Major hijab bling in the form of not only headbands and brooches, but hijabis are pinning actual necklaces on their foreheads too! Maybe its because I am desi, but I am loving this look. It may be too princess for some hijabis, and this look is not for everyday wear, but I think its lovely. What do you think? Is this a Do or a Don’t?

Must See: Downton Abbey

As a busy hijabi mommy who works full time and juggles inlaws, I never have time to see movies. I WISH I could see The Hobbit! (I am such a huge JRR Tolkien nerd. I read all the appendices including how Arwen met Aragorn).

But I digress.

As a result, I spend a lot of evenings at home watching TV with my little family. One of my newest TV obsessions hails from the UK.

The UK is not only been home to some of the most gorgeous hijabis ever, but one of the best television dramas I have seen. Downton Abbey is not only family friendly, it’s also addictive.

From the complex plot lines to the ornate costumes (I would kill to wear Mary Crawley’s evening dresses), Downton Abbey has it all.

If you are bored on a Sunday pull this one up on Netflix or catch the current season on PBS. It is family entertainment at its best.

After you watch it, let me know who your faves are and who you think the baddies are. 🙂