Hijabi Obsession: Feather Collars

hijabi style collage with a feather collar

Feather collar plus emerald green? Yes please!


The stylish hijabi set are embracing a new style trend: feather collars. While at first, it seemed odd, I think its a trend that actually may work if you have the courage to try it. Feather collars allows hijabis to coverage in the front. I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for a creative ways for more coverage in the front! I created this collage with my absolute favorite color green, but I think this look works with any color from hot pink to Big Bird yellow. Just make sure to keep the feather color black or in a neutral color to avoid looking like Big Bird though!

Tips on How Soothe a Sick Toddler

If you have children, then you know that when baby is sick, no one is happy or can be at peace. Sick toddlers especially demand a lot of attention. What is a Muslim parent to do with a sick toddler? Here are my tips and tricks for how to soothe that poor sick toddler:

1. Baby Vicks VapoRub: this product is a miracle worker. Rub this on your little sick toddler’s chest and the bottoms of her feet and she will instantly feel better.

2.Steam Bath (or shower): this helps open up your sick toddler’s little stuffed nose and will let your sick baby breathe a little better.

3. Fluids: I am a strict mom. I only allow my little toddler milk or water. However, when she is feeling sick, I do let her have juice because she thinks she is getting a treat and it helps her stay hydrated. I also feed her soups when I can tempt her.

4. Special Me Time : I let my toddler get her way when she is sick. This means reading her extra books and watch her favorite TV show (not too much though!).

5. Extra Love: I sit next to her while she sleeps so if my sick baby needs me, I am right there. I am blogging right now while she is resting. I give her extra cuddles, kisses and love in the hopes it helps her get better faster iA.

I hope these tips help you if your little one is sick. Do you have any other helpful tips to share? Make sure to comment below.

Confessions of a Jealous Hijabi


I have a confession to make. Typically I am so positive and encouraging, but I noticed a really ugly feeling that welled up in myself recently.

I noticed I was getting jealous of one of my fellow hijabi bloggers! I mean it happens. One of the things that bugged me is how it seems that fashionistas always make a big fuss over thinner bloggers than curvy ones. I mean I get it, clothes look better on skinnier girls, but it depressed me a little to see it matters among the hijabi set too!

I know it’s only human, but I felt terrible. I wanted to celebrate everyone’s successes but I also wanted to feel successful too.

Then I realized putting myself down wasn’t going to do anyone any favors. So I made dua for the person I felt jealous of. Made dua for her to be forgiven for her sins, her health, her family. And do you know what? It made me feel better. It really did.

And I am not going to be discouraged. I blog because it makes me happy. If it helps you lovely readers that makes me even happier.