Hijab Trends: Kimono Cardigans

Kimono cardigan

Kimono cardigans are great layering piece for modest outfits.

Modest outfits pulled together by stylish hijabi bloggers have never been hotter. One hot hijab trend for summer has been the kimono cardigan. It is lightweight and skims over areas where hijabis tend to be modest. I personally love the kimono because it allows you to layer without adding too much bulk which is especially nice for curvy hijabis. Let’s be real: curvy hijabis have to be a little more creative if we want to translate what most hijabi bloggers wear into our own closet.

Kimono cardigans are versatile. You can pair the kimono cardigan with a jumpsuit, jeans, flowy palazzo pants and even layer on top of maxi dresses. It adds a layer of texture and interest to an outfit. For more of a fitted look, you can add a belt like the image above. Lengths of kimono cardigans vary, but I personally prefer longer ones since I am a petite hijabi. When I wear longer cardigans, it tends to lengthen my whole body versus cutting the visual lines and making me look too squat. I love that the kimono cardigan can work for any body shape.

It is also a great piece for a hijabi in any age group. When I was rocking my kimono cardigan, my mother in law loved it so much. So I surprised her with her own kimono and she rocks it all the time now alhamdulillah. Since the kimono is more of a trendy piece, I tend to stick to more affordable options.

Here are my top affordable picks for a kimono cardigan:

Urban Outfitters Floral Kimono

Forever 21 Eyelash Lace Kimono

Forever 21 Long Floral Lace Kimono

Zara Flowing Kimono Jacket

Are you rocking the kimono this summer? What are your favorite kimono cardigans? Let me know in the comments below:

Hijabi Trend: Embellished Shoulders

embellished shoulders with spikes

Embellishments on the shoulders are an emerging trend with the hijabi set.

Are you looking to change up your hijab style a little? One emerging trend from the hijabi fashion set has been to embellish the shoulders of their outfits. If you are a little fashion risk averse, this is the perfect trend for you. I mean think about it, shoulders are pretty much standard on every one so you know a little shoulder embellishment will look as good on you as it does on a runway model. It is the perfect place to take a little fashion risk without looking too foolish. Here are some tips to pull off the look:

Give it Some Edge:If you are tired of super girly pastels and florals and want to embrace your inner edge, you may want to consider putting some finishing touches on the shoulders of your abaya. The hottest hijabi trend has been to pump up the style of your abaya with strong shoulder pads, ruching, and even spikes and chains for a look that is definitely not your auntie’s style.

Make It Pretty:If you are looking for a softer feel, you can always spice things up with sequin detailing at the shoulders, or contrast color blocking too. Whatever you choose in terms of shoulder embellishments, it will be a look that will stand out from the rest.

Do It Yourself: This is the perfect trend to refresh some dated pieces in your wardrobe. Do you have an old blazer you don’t wear anymore? Bring it back to life by sewing some ribboned chains from the craft store to the shoulder, adding some spikes, or even making it sparkle with some hot glued crystals. Your imagination can run a little wild and you may end up with a cool piece without breaking your budget.

What do you think of this trend?

Hijabi Obsession: Feather Collars

hijabi style collage with a feather collar

Feather collar plus emerald green? Yes please!


The stylish hijabi set are embracing a new style trend: feather collars. While at first, it seemed odd, I think its a trend that actually may work if you have the courage to try it. Feather collars allows hijabis to coverage in the front. I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for a creative ways for more coverage in the front! I created this collage with my absolute favorite color green, but I think this look works with any color from hot pink to Big Bird yellow. Just make sure to keep the feather color black or in a neutral color to avoid looking like Big Bird though!

Hijabi Trend Alert: Shoes With Bows

Jimmy Choo Blush Bow Tie Pump

Jimmy Choo Blush Bow Tie Pump

Happy Wednesday Hijabi Life readers! Today is all about a shoe trend I am so happy to see: shoes with bows. I love girly details like ruffles and bows because it reminds me of playing dress up when I was younger. While recent trends have been a bit more tough chic (think spikes and studs), I think this trend is a nicer more translatable one for hijabis who like to keep things simple. Jimmy Choo is making a big push on shoes with bows for spring, but I can imagine that fast fashion retailers like Zara and H&M will catch up with their own more affordable version of the shoes with bows trend.

What do you think? Would you rock this look with your hijabi style? I know I would definitely rock a flats version of this. I simply can’t do heels as a mommy of a very active toddler! I admire all mommies who can do heels because it is definitely not easy!

PS: Jimmy Choo wants to see what your Instagram pictures of shoes with bows look like. Make sure to use the #bow hashtag.

Review: Rent The Runway

Okay, I can admit that I am a fashion junkie. So when I received a promotional gift card in my December Birchbox to try a site called Rent the Runway, I was so excited! So far, the sign up and the actual process of ordering the dress I wanted was painless. They even give you a free backup size dress (perfect for hijabis who don’t want something too tight). I also was able to chat online in real time with a stylist about what size dress to order any way. I explained that I am a hijabi and she was so excited!

This site is perfect for hijabis who want to dress nicely for special occasions yet don’t want to spend hundreds on a dress they will only wear once. I ordered the Alice by Temperley dress above for my best friend’s wedding. I will let you know how the dress fits and looks once I get it in January. In the meantime, make sure to check Rent the Runway out if you are a budget hijabi fashionista!

Quick update: For hijabis who adore desi clothes, check out Borrow It Bindaas.

Follow Friday: Heba Jay and Farah Jay

Source: statigr.am via Hidiyah on Pinterest

Jumuah mubarak my lovelies! I hope that this Friday finds you well inshallah. I wanted to give you some more inspiration from some amazing fellow hijabis. If you are on Instagram, you should definitely follow the stylish sisters Heba Jay (Jalloul) and Farah Jay (Jalloul) from Dearborn, MI. Their IG IDs are: heba_jay and farah_jay. They have amazing style sense and for those of you on a budget, they recommend a lot of affordable pieces. Just look at how stunning they look in the photo above!

For those of you on IG, feel free to follow me as well at hijabilife. Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend. See you soon on IG!

Hijabi Obsession: Royal Blue

Source: hautehijab.com via Michelle on Pinterest

I am currently in love with royal blue as an update for my winter wardrobe. Ever since Kate Middleton wore that royal blue Issa dress to match with her engagement ring, I have been really loving this hue. It is not too in your face like some bright colors, and I feel like jewel tones like this one always flatter everyone no matter what your skin tone. Expect to see me rocking not only royal blue, but hues like emerald, amethyst, and ruby as well. What is your favorite color to wear during winter?

Peplum Trend: A Hijabi’s Best Friend

20121124-215159.jpgClockwise from top left: Striped peplum top from Forever 21, Heart pendant from Forever 21, Long black skirt from Sears, Black and white bangle from Swarovski

I hope my American readers had a good holiday with their families inshallah! I know I had loads of fun with my Hubster and chubster.

Since Thanksgiving is over now, I am sure a lot of American hijabis are trying to find ways to hide the post turkey bellies. I know I am!

Luckily, one of the biggest carry over trends from past seasons is the peplum trend. At first, it looks a bit scary. Who really wants EXTRA fabric around the mid section?

But, if you really think about it, wearing a peplum top is a nice way to hide a belly but still look trim since it highlights the waist. It helps elongate the silhouette as well. If you want a polished, elegant, ladylike look, this is the trend for you.

As you can tell from the outfit I styled above, you can actually mix a few trends at once. I mixed the black and white trend with stripes and the peplum trend. Try some of them out next time you want to dress up. Wear the top with a long skirt. With the skirt above, you will need to wear black leggings. I would pair this with black wedge shoes to funk it up but you can use any pair of your favorite black shoes. Finish with a bright hijab if you are bold, or go safe with a black or white hijab.