Hijabi Beauty: Best Foundations For Women of Color

Foundation swatches

Picking a foundation can be tricky, but Hijabilife can help!

We all dream of finding the One. The One makeup base that will take away our worry lines, erase our dark spots, and help us glow with happiness. Much like finding the One we ultimately marry, finding the One foundation you love takes time (and trial and error at times). No matter where you are from, if you are a woman, you probably dream of having smooth, flawless looking skin. It is a standard of beauty that transcends cultures, religions, and even time. If you look at descriptions of beauties from the past, there is always some mention of smooth beautiful skin that glows. Which is exactly why cosmetic companies make a fortune by selling us the promise of radiant skin in a bottle or jar.

One of the challenges that women of color face is that most foundation colors are not exactly suited for them. Women of color will find that some foundations end up looking ashy or muddy. It really is a struggle to find the right foundation for women of color. Here are some tips and tricks that I have for you so that you can get right match for you.

Since it is so hard to find the perfect color match, a lot of women of color focus so much on the color, that they neglect to think about their coverage needs. Do you need a sheer coverage formula? Do you need a heavier coverage? Are you an active person who has a lot of shine? Are you an older woman who wants to bring back some radiance? Personally, I tend to have oily skin so I prefer a powder finish even to my liquid foundation in order to combat that T-zone oily shine. Here are my picks for whatever your skin care needs are:

Heavy Coverage

For women who are looking to cover large scars, birthmarks, or even tatoos, I highly recommend Dermablend. It really covers hard to cover hyperpigmentation that women of color sometimes get from acne scarring. You can buy this line of foundations from Ulta.  Another great range of foundations for women of color that provide heavy coverage is MAC. I personally don’t use MAC, but I know a lot of women of color who swear by it. I would say as a caveat for anyone using these heavy coverage foundations is that if you wear it for too long and you don’t wash your face, you will break out. So try to save this for special occasions only. Lastly, for my drugstore mavens, L’Oreal True Match really does work wonders. If you are worried about not finding an absolute match for your skin color, make sure to buy it from a store that has a good return policy.</p>

Medium Coverage

Medium coverage foundations are not quite as heavy as the foundations I listed above. They can cover smaller imperfections and age spots pretty well but still allows the natural skin tone to peek through. I highly recommend Lorac since its light but offers a good range of shades. The line is never too heavy, but still evens out skin tone beautifully. This line’s color range is especially good for Southeast Asian women. I would have recommended Bare Minerals in this category, but I have not had any luck finding the right shade. I feel like their range is either really light or really dark. Another issue I have with Bare Minerals is that while it initially works well, it ultimately makes my skin itch and so I had to give up wearing it. If you can find the right shade and it does not make your skin itch, it really does give you a natural finish that covers a lot of dark spots or undereye shadows.

Light Coverage

I highly recommend using a BB cream if you want a very sheer coverage that allows your natural skin’s beauty to shine through. Since BB creams are newer, their color range is a bit limited. However, I highly recommend Smashbox’s Camera Ready BB Cream. It gives you a nice every day coverage that helps you look bright eyed and bushy tailed even if you didn’t go back to sleep after Fajr (the pre-sunrise prayer). Another drugstore recommendation is the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream.

Whatever your skincare needs are, my best advice is to try things out. A lot of times what works for your friend, sister, or even your mom may not work so well for you. So take my recommendations with a grain of salt and let me know what your top foundation picks are!



Hijabi Beauty: Beautiful Hands


Salaams my lovelies! As you know, the winter season is fast approaching. Which means there will be plenty of time for beautiful jackets, sweaters, and scarves. However, winter also means having to deal with dry chapped winter skin too. The part of the body that bears the brunt of winter’s harshness is your hands. From the cold whipping winds, and the dry harsh heat of indoor heating, the thin skin of your hands can get dry, scaly, and start to hurt. Since the hands and face are the parts of the body that practicing hijabis expose the most, it makes sense that those areas may need the most TLC. Here are some tips to keep those hands looking pretty year round:

Wear gloves when you can:

In the winter, there are still some crazy people (for example me) that sometimes refuse to wear gloves. However, gloves serve as the first barrier of protection for the sensitive skin on your hands from the elements. In fact, women up until the early 1900s used to wear gloves year round (even in the summer) because those ladies knew that the secret to youthful beautiful hands was to keep them out of the sun! Knowing myself, I still won’t wear gloves in the summer or spring, but I will most likely embrace them more this winter.

Use a hand cream:

Carry a hand cream that you know you will use regularly. I promise you that if you like using it, you will be more likely to use it when you need it. I used to adore the L’Occitane hand cream, but then I discovered this hand cream called Tocca Crema De Mano in Cleopatra. It is the freshest hand cream fragrance I have ever smelled! It’s a mix of pomegranate and cucumber and while that sounds like an odd combination, this smells like a garden after a refreshing rain shower. Just the smell alone gets rid of my winter blahs!

Shape nails weekly

It is recommended in Islam to clip your nails weekly. I prefer to actually shorten my nails by shaping them with a nail file because it prevents nails from getting fractured or broken.

I hope these tips keep your hands looking beautiful all season long! What are your tips for nice hands?

Hijabi Beauty: Smokey Eyes

smokey eyes

Smokey eyes are a great way to dress up your look for evening.

The eyes have it! While some hijabis are all about the bright lippy, I am and always will be devoted to my eye makeup for a dramatic look. Beautiful eyes enhanced with kohl have been a quintessential part of Muslim women’s beauty routines for years. In fact, the Prophet (saws) used to use kohl himself. Aisha (ra), the Prophet’s wife once said: “I used to pack Allah’s Messenger’s things for him. I would pack some oil lotion, a mirror, a pair of scissors, a kohl jar and a tooth stick.” It was also said that the Prophet also took with him a kohl jar as part of his toiletry. Back then, kohl used to protect the eyes from sand and the sun’s glare as well as enhance the beauty of your eyes by emphasizing your eyes’ brightness.

While you have to be careful of kohl that may contain lead, you can always recreate the smokey eye look with a few products from your local drugstore. It is the perfect way to transform tired eyes from a hard day’s work into sparkling eyes! I recommend keeping the rest of your face clean and simple. I actually take off any makeup and just soften my skin using rose water. I then add a gray shadow all over the lid coupled with a darker black shadow to contour my crease. I finished with liquid gel eyeliner and mascara.

What is your go to look? Are you a lippy hijabi or a smokey eye hijabi?

Shop Now: Fashion Fighting Famine

Fashion Fighting Famine

Fashion Fighting Famine 2013

Salaams my lovelies! For all of you ladies who want to feel as good as you look, you can actually shop for a cause now. Fashion Fighting Famine has partnered up with some of the most amazing hijabi friendly designers around to offer you discounts and have a portion of of your purchase help New Star Family Center. How can you not love that? Fashion Fighting Famine had a fabulous fashion show in Irvine, CA on March 31, 2013. If you missed it, check out their Instagram account @fashionfightingfamine for behind the scenes pictures. They invited the fabulous Amena Khan from Pearl Daisy, Yasemine from Yaz the Spaz, Winnie Detwa, Nura of BabyLailaLov and Imaan Ali of The Hijablog. Even though I live in California, I missed it and while I feel just awful about that, I will try to make it next year inshallah! At least those of us who missed the show can at least shop the show and look great for our future special events.

Here is a list of all of the designers who are featured in the Fashion Fighting Famine Shop for a Cause.

Visit http://www.abayaaddict.com to see products, email your order to info@abayaaddict.com, and mention FFF in your email.

Visit http://hijabhouseonline.com.au, email orders to sales@hijabhouseonline.com.au, and mention FFF in your email.

Shop at http://www.inayahcollection.com and enter FFF in the reference field upon checkout.

Shop at http://coutureswimnsport.com and mention FFF in special instructions upon checkout.

Shop at http://www.mohajababes.com and enter promo code “FFF2013” at checkout.

Free shipping from the UK! Visit http://www.nisaaboutique.com, email orders to nisaa.info@gmail.com, and mention FFF in your email.

Shop at http://www.shoprayan.com and enter promo code “FFF2013” at checkout.

Visit http://www.sixteenr.com and enter promo code “FFF2013” at checkout.

Visit http://www.simplyzeena.com, email orders to customerservice@simplyzeena.com, and mention FFF in your email.

Happy shopping! I will be updating the blog with reviews for a few of these designers soon inshallah, but let me know what you think I should buy!

Hijabi Obsession: Angels On Bare Skin By Lush


Get glowy skin with Lush

Salaam my lovelies! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend inshallah. I know that I mentioned how I moved, but did I tell you how it ruined my skin in the process? With the move, I happened to lose my Clarisonic charger. (For those of you who don’t know, Clarisonic is a skin brush that helps you clean your face and I don’t know what I did before I owned this beauty tool.). So anyhow, without my Clarisonic, I noticed that my skin started getting blackheads and I started to break out again!

I was resigned to riding out my breakouts, but then I walked in to Lush Cosmetics. Personally, I avoid Lush because I feel like the smell in the store is overpowering, and I just don’t know a thing about what to use. While I was in there, a customer kept raving about something called Angels on Bare Skin. So I asked for a sample. Angels on Bare Skin is a gentle skin cleanser and exfoliator that contains kaolin, ground almonds, glycerine, rose, lavender oil, lavender flowers, and chamomile oil. It looks sort of like wet sand with flowers sprinkled throughout. Here is my take on this skin cleanser:

It’s Natural

I liked the concept of using an all natural cleansing method. You may have read about my oil cleansing method review, and I mentioned there that one of the things I loved about the oil cleansing method is that it is all natural.

It’s Gentle

As a hijabi in her thirties, I noticed that I can not just tug my skin around. I have to be gentle and careful with my skin. I avoid anything with harsh chemicals or detergents. Angels on Bare Skin is very gentle. I used to use St. Ive’s Apricot scrub, but the scrubbing particles were too jagged and harsh for my skin at this age. The ground almonds are just the right amount of exfoliant for skin that can’t take a harsh scrubbing.

It’s Mid Priced

I can’t deny the fact that this cleanser may be a bit pricey for some readers. However, I find that when I invest in skin care, I can cheap out a bit more with my beauty products or skip some products all together. Your skin is something you should take care of since its an amana (trust) from God. If you feel like this price point is still too high, I would recommend using a DIY version of this product. Here is an Angels on Bare Skin recipe that seems promising. I personally think its more affordable than some cleansers I adored and used in the past (ahem Chantecaille Foaming Rice Geranium cleanser).

It It Perfect for Dry Climates

Since this cleanser has kaolin clay, it draws out impurities, but still has a nice lavender oil which not only acts like an antiseptic, but soothes as well. The combination has definitely helped me since I moved to a drier climate and my skin has dried out to the point where I look like a ghost. (Not a good look if you ask me. Though some desi aunties like that geisha look haha.)

All in all, I love how Angels on Bare Skin calmed my breakouts and helps me achieve a nice glow like I used to get with the oil cleansing method. So if you ask me, I may still hate how the Lush store smells, but I will brave it to try more new things. Are there any Lush product that you recommend I try? Let me know in the comment section!

Hijabi Beauty Trend: Wine Lips

Wine Lips

Wine Lips

With New York Fashion Week wrapping up for Fall 2013, one of the major beauty trends I noticed was berry or wine stained lips reigning the runways. From Laura Mercier to Stila, all the major makeup brands pushed out a dark lip to go with the fall looks.

After so many seasons of a glossy nude lip, it may seem a little scary to embrace an almost gothic look. However, if you pick the right shade, wine stained lips can be a pretty way to update your hijabi beauty routine when fall comes around.

Here are my recommendations:

  • Newbies Can Go Sheer: If you are truly terrified of a dark lip, there are options out there that go on sheer and very pretty. My absolute favorite sheer wine color is Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. It is a beautiful shade that truly looks amazing on everyone. In fact, its such a cult classic, that Clinique extended Black Honey to other makeup products like eye makeup in 2011.
  • Try Layering: Adding the color on by layers and blotting can help you achieve a look that is more pretty than messy.
  • Pick the Right Shade: Fair skinned hijabis should try berry based shades, medium toned hijabis can try a nice burgundy, and dark skinned hijabis should embrace a as dark a lip as they want. In the end, it is all about how much confidence you have to pull off this look.
  • Pick a Finish: Pick a finish that is complementary to your face’s finish. If you have a dewy makeup base, rocking a matte lip looks striking. However, a glossy lip with a powdered matte face is also stunning. Take your pick!

What do you think about this lip color trend?

Hijabi Beauty: Matte Lips


It has been a while since I did a beauty post, but can I say how excited I am about this new beauty trend of matte lips? I was sort of getting tired of slicked up lips.

Matte lips are back!

While I am glad matte lips are back, I hate how dry matte lipstick is. NYX has introduced a genius product called lip creams.

They go on smooth like a lipgloss with a tube and wand, but dry to a long lasting matte finish. One thing to warn about is that if you have dry lips or flakes, this will show so make sure to exfoliate before applying!

I decided to try Amena Khan from Pearl Daisy’s pick of Tokyo and went with a bold pick with Addis Ababa. I love how both of them look! Make sure to check them out. I bought mine on sale from Sear’s if that answers your question on where to buy them.

Which lip cream would you try? Let me know!

Friday Fun: Candy Inspired Makeup

Estee Lauder Pastel Polishes

Estee Lauder Pastel Polishes

I am lucky enough to live in the Bay area of California, so our winters are pretty mild. That being said, I am tired of chilly weather and I want spring to come! One ways I have been battling the winter blahs is by trying to infuse candy colored pastels in to my wardrobe mix. Try rocking mint green jeans with your sweater or a nice cotton candy pink hijab with your neutrals. Another great way to welcome spring a little early is by rocking some amazing new candy colored makeup trends.

I personally love rocking different nail polish colors. I have rocked anything from greige (gray/beige) to black. Right now, you can find periwinkle gracing my toes and cantaloupe on my finger tips. You can even try pastel eyeliner! Try placing some on top of basic black for eyes that really pop. I guarantee it will make your day just a little brighter.