Smoky Eyes Tutorial

I know that holiday season is over, but seeing the parade of smoky eyes on the red carpet at the Golden Globes inspired me to revisit the smoky eye. The smoky eye is always a favorite for me. I wanted to share this easy pictorial that you can use to recreate your own smoky eyes. It’s interesting to note that the smoky look is timeless. In fact, ancient Egyptians used kohl around their eyes to keep away flies that could cause blindness! Granted, we are lucky enough to not have to worry about that, but the look is still as stunning now as it was back then.

Follow Friday: Heba Jay and Farah Jay

Source: via Hidiyah on Pinterest

Jumuah mubarak my lovelies! I hope that this Friday finds you well inshallah. I wanted to give you some more inspiration from some amazing fellow hijabis. If you are on Instagram, you should definitely follow the stylish sisters Heba Jay (Jalloul) and Farah Jay (Jalloul) from Dearborn, MI. Their IG IDs are: heba_jay and farah_jay. They have amazing style sense and for those of you on a budget, they recommend a lot of affordable pieces. Just look at how stunning they look in the photo above!

For those of you on IG, feel free to follow me as well at hijabilife. Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend. See you soon on IG!

How To: Pull Off Bright Lipstick

A hot trend among the hijabi set has been bright lipstick. It is a very bold makeup choice, but it can look too jarring (or tacky) if it is paired with a lot of other colors. For readers who are more conservative, this is a nice look to wear at home for your hubby.

Here are my tips and tricks for making the bold lip work for you:

  • Keep It Simple: For such a statement lip color, it is best for you to keep the rest of your makeup simple and in neutral colors.
  • Use Blush Or Bronzer: A key trick to avoiding a vampire look is to make sure that you have some color on your face so that the bold lip color doesn’t suck the color out of your face and make you look like a ghost. I prefer to use a pale coral blush or a nice warm bronzer to balance the lip color.
  • Balance Your Eyes: Keeping it simple doesn’t mean you skip eye makeup completely. So you don’t look too cartoonish, make sure you have some simple neutral eye makeup on.

Make sure you have fun and smile! I think that the happiest girls make the prettiest girls so rock that lip color with a nice smile. What are your tricks for rocking this look? Let me know!

PS: Here is my hot mama friend Sana with her adorable baby boy rocking the bold lip look. She recommends keeping it matte so it is longer lasting and less messy. I have to agree!

Bold lips