DIY Hijabi: Painting Laminate Furniture

painted laminate bookcase

Painting laminate furniture like this bookcase can quickly update and refresh your furniture this spring!

How many mommies have a “junk” corner in their house? I can admit that I am guilty of being one of those mommies. As a native New Yorker who lived in apartments her whole life, I never had to wield a hammer, drill (or any other tool for any DIY projects) so that junk corner just kept getting bigger and bigger. My particular corner of shame was a laminate bookshelf that held shoes for 4 adults and a baby. As Muslims, we prefer not to walk around our homes wearing our shoes since we pray on our floors. However, this meant I had a HUGE eyesore of a bookshelf with all of these shoes in it! After harassing the Hubster to head to Ikea to buy a concealed shoe rack, we finally tidied up our “junk corner.” However, now I was left with this laminate bookshelf! I didn’t want to throw it out, but it did not look good with our bedroom decor (which is where we had to move it for space reasons).

Luckily, I have been making plans to expand Hijabi Life to include simple Do It Yourself (DIY) projects around the home to help make your life more beautiful. So I thought to myself, “Why not start with this laminated bookshelf DIY?” It literally only took me 2 days to complete (and only because I need the paint to dry). You can do it indoors in a smaller space like a condo as well. As you can tell from my “after” picture, the results are well worth the effort. I got more space to put up my book collection, the shoe storage issue was solved, and I was one happy mama.

Here is how to get started on doing your own DIY laminate bookshelf makeover:

You will need:

1) A primer for painting laminate furniture. I preferred Zinsser primer because it dries fast and gives a good finish.

2) A small foam roller

3) A tarp

4) A paintbrush for smaller nooks and crannies

5) Wallpaper or stencil for back of bookshelf

6) A small can of paint (Just note, you can use 3 small trial cans of paint to paint a shelf and it costs like $6 if you are a bargain type of hijabi like me). I would recommend using a light flat paint color so the shelf looks more shabby chic, but you can do darker glossy colors if you wish.


1) Lay tarp on the floor.

2) Move shelf on tarp. Remove the shelves for easier access. You will be painting the shelves later any way.

3) Prime entire case and shelves.

4) Let the bookcase dry overnight.

5) Start painting! I even had my babykins help me paint when I got my first coat of paint on the shelf. She had SO MUCH fun. If you would prefer NOT to have the kids help, do this when they are asleep.

6) Make sure to paint the shelves too!

7) When its completely dry, add wallpaper to back of the bookcase.

8) Add shelves back on and add your books, toys, decorative items, or anything else you would like to store!

Did you like the DIY Hijabi post? Let me know and I will add more easy ways to make your home beautiful inshallah!

Online Shopping Review: B. Hijaby

Hijaby B. Hijabs

B. Hijaby Hijabs are eclectic and beautiful. Perfect for the hijabi who wants to stand out!

Shopping online for hijabs and modest clothing is always nerve wracking. I always wonder if I will still like the items I order when I actually get them, or if shopping for hijabs online is worth it when there are so many hijab options at easily accessible stores such as Target, H&M, and Forever 21. Then I actually get the package and I think to myself, “Why do I doubt the power of shopping at Muslim owned businesses?”
One thing that I noticed with shopping online for my hijabs or modest clothing is that there is always a personal touch when it comes to what you order. These businesses take time to pack your items nicely and send you a personal note, or slip in just a few extras like hijab pins.

One such online hijab destination is B. Hijaby. The owner of the company, Asima Bhatty strives to provide hijabis an eclectic mix of hijabs that you can’t find anywhere else. In fact, she just launched a new collection of hijabs that you need to check out! Her hijabs go beyond the average hijab. B. Hijaby hijabs are wider than most hijabs; which allows you to create intricate folds, create cool turbans, or just give you more coverage in the front. Let’s be real, we can appreciate coverage in the front when possible!

A distinguishing factor of the hijabs from B. Hijaby is that the patterns on the hijabs are unique and regularly replenish their stock. You can be rest assured that when you wear a hijab from B. Hijaby, that your hijab will not be gracing another hijabi at your local masjid (that is until you share your shopping secret with them!). I actually had an instance where I wore a hijab from Target and my husband could not find me because there were 4 other women wearing the same hijab!

B. Hijaby prints range from elegant ombre prints all the way to eye catching animal print hijabs in fun summer colors. B. Hijaby has the prettiest floral hijabs I have seen. Here is a rundown of the shopping experience:

Online Browsing: B. Hijaby is sold through a Facebook page, so browsing is a bit more challenging than a traditional website. That being said, it is easy to look through all the albums to see all of the hijabs and prints since all of the prints are true to the image. Since they are planning to launch a website, I expect shopping and browsing for hijabs online for this brand will be easier in the near future iA. Also, did I mention the scarves are so affordable? I can see myself buying a ton of hijabs.

Buying Experience: Since this time, the scarves were gifted, I am not able to share how the buying experience was. I will definitely be shopping here though and when I do, I will comment on how the ordering experience was!

Shipping: Shipping is fast and easy. Since B. Hijaby is located in the U.S. you are sure to get your package shipped fast. Expect 3-5 days for delivery. All in all, I highly recommend this hijab shopping destination.

America Is Beautiful Coca Cola Ad

Coca Cola Hijabi

New Coca Cola Ad Features a Hijabi

Unless you have been living underneath a rock, I am sure that you have seen the latest Coca Cola commercial that aired during SuperBowl Sunday that featured a diverse group of Americans including a woman who wore a headscarf while singing the classic American song “America The Beautiful.” As an American who does indeed wear a headscarf (also known as a hijab), I almost had tears in my eyes. Why is that? I think it is the first time ever that I have seen a hijabi (woman who wears a headscarf) in a way that does not illustrate her as something “other” or “oppressed.” In fact, I teared up because for the first time, I felt like a commercial was able to capture me as I am: an American. I am not an oppressed foreign woman with no voice of my own. I am a woman who was born and raised in the United States. I am educated and I have the same sentiment for my country as everyone else does.

In fact, I am surprised it has not come sooner. It is sad that it takes market segmentation for companies to realize that there should be more inclusion. Why can’t popular culture be the first to embrace hijabis? Why did it have to be corporate need for profits among immigrants to make the shift? However I am not going to complain because in the end while Coca Cola was inclusive in order to resonate with my demographic to sell soda, it has also blazed the trail for other hijabis to enter the public popular culture sphere. We are women who want to dress modestly, but we also want to be heard and included in the public dialogue. Especially about ourselves. For so long, Americans have had a dialogue about Muslim women without asking Muslim women to participate. That was not only paternalistic, but it was also misleading to the American public. Muslim women in America are here, and we do want a say in what is portrayed about who we are in the media. So thank you Coca Cola for opening that Pandora’s Box. For while it may have brought out the ugly racists and bigots, it has also brought out one last thing: Hope.