Hijabi Beauty Trend: Wine Lips

Wine Lips

Wine Lips

With New York Fashion Week wrapping up for Fall 2013, one of the major beauty trends I noticed was berry or wine stained lips reigning the runways. From Laura Mercier to Stila, all the major makeup brands pushed out a dark lip to go with the fall looks.

After so many seasons of a glossy nude lip, it may seem a little scary to embrace an almost gothic look. However, if you pick the right shade, wine stained lips can be a pretty way to update your hijabi beauty routine when fall comes around.

Here are my recommendations:

  • Newbies Can Go Sheer: If you are truly terrified of a dark lip, there are options out there that go on sheer and very pretty. My absolute favorite sheer wine color is Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. It is a beautiful shade that truly looks amazing on everyone. In fact, its such a cult classic, that Clinique extended Black Honey to other makeup products like eye makeup in 2011.
  • Try Layering: Adding the color on by layers and blotting can help you achieve a look that is more pretty than messy.
  • Pick the Right Shade: Fair skinned hijabis should try berry based shades, medium toned hijabis can try a nice burgundy, and dark skinned hijabis should embrace a as dark a lip as they want. In the end, it is all about how much confidence you have to pull off this look.
  • Pick a Finish: Pick a finish that is complementary to your face’s finish. If you have a dewy makeup base, rocking a matte lip looks striking. However, a glossy lip with a powdered matte face is also stunning. Take your pick!

What do you think about this lip color trend?