Hijabi Beauty: Matte Lips


It has been a while since I did a beauty post, but can I say how excited I am about this new beauty trend of matte lips? I was sort of getting tired of slicked up lips.

Matte lips are back!

While I am glad matte lips are back, I hate how dry matte lipstick is. NYX has introduced a genius product called lip creams.

They go on smooth like a lipgloss with a tube and wand, but dry to a long lasting matte finish. One thing to warn about is that if you have dry lips or flakes, this will show so make sure to exfoliate before applying!

I decided to try Amena Khan from Pearl Daisy’s pick of Tokyo and went with a bold pick with Addis Ababa. I love how both of them look! Make sure to check them out. I bought mine on sale from Sear’s if that answers your question on where to buy them.

Which lip cream would you try? Let me know!

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