Diversity in Modest Fashion?

Modanisa Offers A Look Into the Lack of Diversity in Modest Fashion

Salaam my lovelies! I hope that you kicked off the New Year with some new resolutions. I started with one of my own: to keep on blogging. Here is why:

The recent Dubai Fashion Week sponsored by Turkish modest fashion line Modanisa was exciting, but also puzzling. Hijabi fashion blogger Manal aka Chinutay shared how she was disappointed to see that there was a lack of diversity on the runway and among the modest fashion influencers asked to attend the show. Here is what she had to say:

“First off, what was obvious was not who was flown out but who wasn’t! I myself (apologies if I missed any influencer), was the only black woman to be flown out and participate out of MANY beautiful influential black women. Whilst there, I’ve had our sisters (WOC who live in Dubai and purchased tickets) come up to me anbd ask me what was very apparent…’Where are all the other black bloggers/influencers?'”

The struggle for diversity in the Muslim fashion world is very real. It seems that the ideal Muslim fashion blogger is thin, light-skinned and very much like an actual fashion blogger with a hijab on top of her head. While these bloggers work very hard to create beautiful content, there are so many more of us who attempt to shed light on the fact that Muslims are a billion-plus deep population with so many more faces and bodies.

For me, it has always been a struggle to find modest fashion clothing that will actually fit and flatter a curvy body type. Admit it, how many of you even follow a plus-size or curvy modest fashon blogger? Yet, we have countless women who wear hijab that fall into this category! How important is it to see a valid representation of the runway of what the actual Muslim population looks like?

This is why I am starting back up on blogging. We NEED diversity. We need more women of color modest fashion influencers. We need more body positivity in the Muslim fashion world. This is my personal truth and I hope that it speaks to your personal truth too. For far too long, we have been silent, but I hope that my blog inspires you to embrace who you are too. I hope that you embrace my personal journey and start your own to love yourself the way that you were made.

Love to you all.

Hijab Trends: Kimono Cardigans

Kimono cardigan

Kimono cardigans are great layering piece for modest outfits.

Modest outfits pulled together by stylish hijabi bloggers have never been hotter. One hot hijab trend for summer has been the kimono cardigan. It is lightweight and skims over areas where hijabis tend to be modest. I personally love the kimono because it allows you to layer without adding too much bulk which is especially nice for curvy hijabis. Let’s be real: curvy hijabis have to be a little more creative if we want to translate what most hijabi bloggers wear into our own closet.

Kimono cardigans are versatile. You can pair the kimono cardigan with a jumpsuit, jeans, flowy palazzo pants and even layer on top of maxi dresses. It adds a layer of texture and interest to an outfit. For more of a fitted look, you can add a belt like the image above. Lengths of kimono cardigans vary, but I personally prefer longer ones since I am a petite hijabi. When I wear longer cardigans, it tends to lengthen my whole body versus cutting the visual lines and making me look too squat. I love that the kimono cardigan can work for any body shape.

It is also a great piece for a hijabi in any age group. When I was rocking my kimono cardigan, my mother in law loved it so much. So I surprised her with her own kimono and she rocks it all the time now alhamdulillah. Since the kimono is more of a trendy piece, I tend to stick to more affordable options.

Here are my top affordable picks for a kimono cardigan:

Urban Outfitters Floral Kimono

Forever 21 Eyelash Lace Kimono

Forever 21 Long Floral Lace Kimono

Zara Flowing Kimono Jacket

Are you rocking the kimono this summer? What are your favorite kimono cardigans? Let me know in the comments below:

Hijab Trends: Snood Hijabs

Snood hijab

Snood hijabs are the perfect way to keep warm during colder winter months.

I personally love being a hijabi blogger because it forces me to see what other stylish hijabis are out there doing. One new trend that has come out in the hijabi fashion world is the snood hijab. A snood is basically a scarf that is knit like a tube. While it was traditionally worn around the neck, some hijabis are taking a step further and wearing it to cover their necks and chest while rocking the turban style or wearing on top of their hijabs for extra warmth during these cold winter months. This cold weather hijab look is not only practical, but it is really cute! I personally have not tried the snood hijab, but check out this really cute sweater hijab style below:

Sweater Hijabi

Sweater Hijabs can be practical yet stylish during cold weather months.

What do you think about the snood hijab? Would you rock it during a polar vortex?

Hijabi Find: Non See Through Maxi Skirts!

Mango Maxi Skirt

Mango Maxi Skirt

Is just me, or does it seem like all the recent offering of maxi skirts are completely or partially see through? I know some of you lovely readers are crafty enough to sew your own linings, but what about the sewing challenged (like myself)? I often have to recruit my mom or a tailor to sew an extra lining for me for maxi skirts I purchase at places like Forever 21, Target, or Sears. I mean it seems like everything from tops to bottoms are purposefully see through. While some companies have wised up that see through is no good (see Lululemon’s see through yoga pant recall), it seems like a fashion that is not going away. What is a hijabi to do?

Well I have some awesome news. There are lightweight satin maxi skirts now available at Mango stores right now that are not see through. They come in a variety of fun bright colors that you can wear all spring and summer long. Just make sure to thank me when you are strutting your stuff (see through free)!

Hijabi Trend: Stripes

Outfit based on stripes

Hijabis can rock graphic stripes in style!

I am currently in love with all things Audrey Hepburn. I just loved her polished chic style. One thing she loved to do was wear classics but add her own twist to it. She would pair slim cropped pants with a nice boatneck top with graphic stripes and look instantly pulled together. Since I am more of a curvy body type, I did this outfit set with this in mind. I kept the graphic stripes, but I worked it with a nice dress nipped at the waist along with some wide leg jeans. I picked a dress shape similar to what a curvy starlet like Marilyn Monroe would wear but made it more modest with the wide leg jeans and the cropped white cardigan. Don’t worry about that rule on horizontal stripes. I feel like the smaller the stripes are, the more you can get away with. Plus breaking up those stripes with a jacket helps prevent the widening effect. Heels ensure you look less dumpy as well. I hate heels, but for challenging trends, heels definitely help.

PS: Am I the only hijabi who HATES skinny jeans??? I just feel like they are not modest enough for me. Plus, it makes everyone looked like a stuffed turkey (unless you are blessed with a slim frame like Audrey Hepburn).