Hijabi Find: Non See Through Maxi Skirts!

Mango Maxi Skirt

Mango Maxi Skirt

Is just me, or does it seem like all the recent offering of maxi skirts are completely or partially see through? I know some of you lovely readers are crafty enough to sew your own linings, but what about the sewing challenged (like myself)? I often have to recruit my mom or a tailor to sew an extra lining for me for maxi skirts I purchase at places like Forever 21, Target, or Sears. I mean it seems like everything from tops to bottoms are purposefully see through. While some companies have wised up that see through is no good (see Lululemon’s see through yoga pant recall), it seems like a fashion that is not going away. What is a hijabi to do?

Well I have some awesome news. There are lightweight satin maxi skirts now available at Mango stores right now that are not see through. They come in a variety of fun bright colors that you can wear all spring and summer long. Just make sure to thank me when you are strutting your stuff (see through free)!

4 thoughts on “Hijabi Find: Non See Through Maxi Skirts!

  1. I feel your pain. I bought a slim fit maxi skirt I found on sale (£7) that I would never wear on it’s own but use it under my other maxi skirts as a underskirt. This winter I ended up wearing light weight harems underneath to keep me warm, weird-but they work quite well because they’re baggy, instead of leggings which hug your legs and show everything through see-through skirts.

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