Follow Friday: Gary Pepper Girl Nicole Warne

Nicole Warne

Gary Pepper Girl Nicole Warne has an arresting array of photos on Instagram

Jumah mubarak my lovelies! I hope you are all having an amazing Friday inshallah. I typically share Follow Friday on a Muslim on Instagram who captures my attention. However, given the amazingly beautiful photographs on Nicole Warne’s Instagram, I had to share her with you. Nicole Warne is the founder of an online vintage store called Gary Pepper. She has a visual diary of her travels as an online fashionista. It mixes colors and nature in a way that can be translated for any hijabi who wants to brighten up her look. Her easy breezy style is easy to draw from and accessible. You can find pieces inspired by her in your local Forever 21, but it is how she mixes her pieces that makes her a knockout.

I love being swept away on her travels through her native Australia and her treks to fashion weeks all over the globe. You can find her on Instagram at garypeppergirl. Make sure to follow her for inspiration on fashion, travels, and just plain beautiful photography.

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