Workout gear for hijabis

hijabi workout gear

Working out as a hijabi doesn’t have to be boring. Mix it up!

One of my most asked questions as a hijabi is how I manage to stay active with hijab on. In the past, I just improvised a lot. In fact, I still do improvise. With hijabs, I choose a lightweight cotton type so that if I sweat, it doesn’t trap bacteria against my scalp. With pants, I choose loose fit sweats (Puma makes a great one, but I even cheat and use maternity yoga pants which are not as tight as something like Lululemon). How can you not love these gray yoga pants from Old Navy? They are not only cute, but they are a steal too. I also wear long cotton maternity dresses to cover my tushie so I can truly get my workout on. I will warn my yogi hijabis that you have to wear a tucked in shirt for yoga classes though.
Lastly, pick shoes that go with your workout. I am a Nia/Zumba type so these Pumas work well for me. If you run a lot (which I also do) make sure to check out New Balance sneakers (or as my hijabis in the UK say, trainers).
I always carry extra luxe toiletries, extra hijab pins, flip flops, my makeup bag and a comb in a super cute Puma bag. I actually have the green version, but for this collage, I picked a gray silver.  Having cute workout clothes incentivizes me to work out harder. What about you?

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