Online Shopping Review: Hijab-ista


If you need hijabi essentials like comfortable hijabs, make sure to shop at Hijab-ista!

I know I have written about Hijab-ista before, but can I just tell you how I ordered a bunch of items from them, and when the package came it felt like Eid! I ordered straight hijab pins, a long sleeve shrug to wear underneath short (or see through sleeves), two hijabs, a hijab cap, and a maxi skirt. I was expecting to like a few of the items, but I loved them all! Even their straight hijab pins are on point (or should I say pointy enough to pierce as many folds as my hijab holds). The hijab cap was way better than the ones I was using. It was all stretchy and comfortable with an elastic banded side to accommodate lots of hair. I used to get headaches from my underscarf caps, but not with this one!

The long sleeved shrugs are PERFECT. If you are a desi like me, you know how most shalwar kameez (traditional Indian outfit) comes with see through long sleeves. If you wear one of these shrugs, then you don’t ever have to worry about your arms showing. It is just sheer (haha no pun intended) genius. I used to attempt to wear those “long sleeves” you can roll up, but I find that if you don’t have stick skinny arms, they roll down and then you still show your upper arms. This one piece shrug solves that issue. So ladies, make sure to snatch a pair up for your wedding season outfits.

I ordered some jersey hijabs from Hijab-ista too. They are true to the colors you see on their site. They feel like the softest t-shirt so they are perfect if you want to wear a hijab that will be comfortable all day long. They are very breathable so I would recommend these for hijabis in hot climates.

My last buy was one of their maxi skirts. Again, its really comfortable because it has an elastic waistband and is made from a nice jersey fabric. If you like the pleated maxi skirt, but you have curves, this is the skirt for you. The pleats are in a nice drapey jersey material so it does not poof out and make you look bigger than you really are. Always a PLUS in my book. What are your favorite Hijab-ista pieces? Let me know what I should try next!

Hijabi Find: Non See Through Maxi Skirts!

Mango Maxi Skirt

Mango Maxi Skirt

Is just me, or does it seem like all the recent offering of maxi skirts are completely or partially see through? I know some of you lovely readers are crafty enough to sew your own linings, but what about the sewing challenged (like myself)? I often have to recruit my mom or a tailor to sew an extra lining for me for maxi skirts I purchase at places like Forever 21, Target, or Sears. I mean it seems like everything from tops to bottoms are purposefully see through. While some companies have wised up that see through is no good (see Lululemon’s see through yoga pant recall), it seems like a fashion that is not going away. What is a hijabi to do?

Well I have some awesome news. There are lightweight satin maxi skirts now available at Mango stores right now that are not see through. They come in a variety of fun bright colors that you can wear all spring and summer long. Just make sure to thank me when you are strutting your stuff (see through free)!

Hijabi Obsession: Flowy Skirts


I have devoted a lot of posts to beauty, but I have some fashion news for my hijabi fashionistas!

High waisted skirts are still very much in style this season.

Pictured above is Chris Benz’ Rhoda skirt for Anthropologie.

Chris Benz is doing a capsule collection for Anthropologie! It is in his typical colorful style with lots of big bows. Eeeeeek I am so excited, but his price point may be a tad steep even for his lower priced collection.

So for you bargain hijabi fashionistas, I will post a high waisted skirt more in your budget range. I just loved the cut and color of this one so much I just had to post it.

Plus, it’s a new collaboration and I just love all of the new ones so far so I wanted to highlight yet another brilliant one.

What is your favorite collaboration?