Hijabi Obsession: Flowy Skirts


I have devoted a lot of posts to beauty, but I have some fashion news for my hijabi fashionistas!

High waisted skirts are still very much in style this season.

Pictured above is Chris Benz’ Rhoda skirt for Anthropologie.

Chris Benz is doing a capsule collection for Anthropologie! It is in his typical colorful style with lots of big bows. Eeeeeek I am so excited, but his price point may be a tad steep even for his lower priced collection.

So for you bargain hijabi fashionistas, I will post a high waisted skirt more in your budget range. I just loved the cut and color of this one so much I just had to post it.

Plus, it’s a new collaboration and I just love all of the new ones so far so I wanted to highlight yet another brilliant one.

What is your favorite collaboration?

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