Review: Rent The Runway

Okay, I can admit that I am a fashion junkie. So when I received a promotional gift card in my December Birchbox to try a site called Rent the Runway, I was so excited! So far, the sign up and the actual process of ordering the dress I wanted was painless. They even give you a free backup size dress (perfect for hijabis who don’t want something too tight). I also was able to chat online in real time with a stylist about what size dress to order any way. I explained that I am a hijabi and she was so excited!

This site is perfect for hijabis who want to dress nicely for special occasions yet don’t want to spend hundreds on a dress they will only wear once. I ordered the Alice by Temperley dress above for my best friend’s wedding. I will let you know how the dress fits and looks once I get it in January. In the meantime, make sure to check Rent the Runway out if you are a budget hijabi fashionista!

Quick update: For hijabis who adore desi clothes, check out Borrow It Bindaas.

Hijabi Style Inspiration: Animal Prints

Jumah mubarak my lovelies! I hope that this Friday finds you all in good health and spirits iA. On a side note, I am planning to write about what is going on in Gaza, but it is turning into a long research driven based post that will take some time. So please know, that current events are very much on my mind. In the meantime, I will share another one of my hijabi fashion tips with you.

Animal prints have always been one of those things that I used to hate. It used to conjure up images of older women covered from head to toe in clashing prints (or older women who wanted to appear alluring…think Blanche from Golden Girls). So in my mind, wearing an animal print was something I avoided at all costs because I didn’t want to age myself prematurely. However, with younger more beautiful celebrities toting the look (think Gwen Stefani), I have noticed the trend picking up with the younger hijabi fashionista set. So in an effort to try something new, I am wearing a cheetah print hijab today! As you can tell by the Pinterest image above, wearing an animal print can be very striking, so this is not for the faint of heart!

If animal prints still scare you, take baby steps. Try wearing it as an accessory first. For example, a purse with an animal print, bangle, headband, or even a belt are a nice way to mix things up. If you are feeling a little more bold, try a skirt or shirt in a nice print. For the truly courageous, an animal print hijab is the way to go! I went all out because I saw my girlfriend Bahry rocking this look and I LOVED it. I just had to try it. That is the great thing about having stylish friends. They inspire you to go out of your own comfort zone. So Bahry, this post is for you girlfriend!

How do you wear your animal prints? Let me know and I may feature you in a follow up blog post!

Elevate Your Hijab Style

20121030-164717.jpg From top left: Rings and bangles from Forever 21. Watch from Michael Kors. Scarf from Uniqlo’s Orla Kiely Collection. Shoes from Tory Burch.

Every day, we typically do the same things over and over again out of habit. This includes hijabis. Hijabi life includes not having to stress about doing our hair, but then we end up neglecting ourselves too.

Don’t fall in a rut sisters!

I remember how when I first starting wearing hijab, I stuck with basic black forever. Then, I was stuck on wearing triangle hijabs. I could literally get ready in a matter of minutes. But I also felt less excitement about getting ready too.

Once I started pushing my comfort zone, I felt like I started to get pep in my step.

Today, it was gray and very gloomy in SF. But I still felt sunshine thanks to special details in my hijab and accessories. It translated to being upbeat at work, getting excited to get home to my daughter, and happy to see my hubby.

So sisters! Make sure you take the time to get out of your own hijabi fashion rut ( if you are in one) and pick some accessories that elevate your daily routine.