Review: Rent The Runway

Okay, I can admit that I am a fashion junkie. So when I received a promotional gift card in my December Birchbox to try a site called Rent the Runway, I was so excited! So far, the sign up and the actual process of ordering the dress I wanted was painless. They even give you a free backup size dress (perfect for hijabis who don’t want something too tight). I also was able to chat online in real time with a stylist about what size dress to order any way. I explained that I am a hijabi and she was so excited!

This site is perfect for hijabis who want to dress nicely for special occasions yet don’t want to spend hundreds on a dress they will only wear once. I ordered the Alice by Temperley dress above for my best friend’s wedding. I will let you know how the dress fits and looks once I get it in January. In the meantime, make sure to check Rent the Runway out if you are a budget hijabi fashionista!

Quick update: For hijabis who adore desi clothes, check out Borrow It Bindaas.

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