Mint Green Love

Mint Green with Hearts Hijab From Haute Hijab

Mint Green with Hearts Hijab From Haute Hijab

As we see more pastel iterms crop up in time for spring, I have been really looking for a really pretty but unique mint green hijab to wear. I have a mint green pashmina, but I feel like it was such a typical pastel hijab. I wanted something that was fresh and fashion forward. When I found this mint green with hearts hijab from Haute Hijab, I was beyond THRILLED! It was just springy enough to fit with my spring pieces, but since it had black hearts, gave me the versatility to style with my heavier black pieces.

The hijabs from Haute Hijab make sense for California weather since they are very lightweight. Almost like a chiffon feel.

I believe this hijab is sold out, but check back with Haute Hijab on other fun new hijabs soon iA. I love ordering hijabs online from them since their shipping is really fast and you always get Mel’s personal note which I think is a nice touch. Let me know what you think if you order from them!

Hijabi Beauty Trend: Wine Lips

Wine Lips

Wine Lips

With New York Fashion Week wrapping up for Fall 2013, one of the major beauty trends I noticed was berry or wine stained lips reigning the runways. From Laura Mercier to Stila, all the major makeup brands pushed out a dark lip to go with the fall looks.

After so many seasons of a glossy nude lip, it may seem a little scary to embrace an almost gothic look. However, if you pick the right shade, wine stained lips can be a pretty way to update your hijabi beauty routine when fall comes around.

Here are my recommendations:

  • Newbies Can Go Sheer: If you are truly terrified of a dark lip, there are options out there that go on sheer and very pretty. My absolute favorite sheer wine color is Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. It is a beautiful shade that truly looks amazing on everyone. In fact, its such a cult classic, that Clinique extended Black Honey to other makeup products like eye makeup in 2011.
  • Try Layering: Adding the color on by layers and blotting can help you achieve a look that is more pretty than messy.
  • Pick the Right Shade: Fair skinned hijabis should try berry based shades, medium toned hijabis can try a nice burgundy, and dark skinned hijabis should embrace a as dark a lip as they want. In the end, it is all about how much confidence you have to pull off this look.
  • Pick a Finish: Pick a finish that is complementary to your face’s finish. If you have a dewy makeup base, rocking a matte lip looks striking. However, a glossy lip with a powdered matte face is also stunning. Take your pick!

What do you think about this lip color trend?

Savvy Hijabi: Turquoise Flats for Less

Tory Burch Eddie Flat

Tory Burch Eddie Flat

So as you know, I have been loving the spring pastel colors cropping up every where to help us all get rid of these winter blahs. While I may not be suffering like my East coast readers are with the winter storm Nemo, it is still pretty rainy and cold here in California too. But I have been loving pops of mint green and light turquoise to get me going until spring.

As you may know, I am always in love with Tory Burch flats. They are chic, comfortable (once you break them in) and they always make any frazzled mama look put together. I think I have worn out my Black Reva flats after two years of continuous wear. While I can TRY to justify the cost per wear is not that bad, I know that they are definitely expensive for most of us.

The amazing thing is that while Tory Burch flats are so terribly cute, their Eddie ballet flats are not so blatantly branded and it is easier to find a nice wallet friendly alternative. As you can tell by the picture above, the Eddie flat in turquoise is definitely a cute shoe, but wait till you see the look I found for less:

Abby flat by Banana Republic

Abby flat by Banana Republic

It literally almost looks like the SAME shoe!

And while Tory Burch’s Eddie flat will cost you $178, the Banana Republic Abby flat is only $79! You can purchase the Banana Republic Abby flat here.

What are your favorite fashion steals and deals? Let me know!

The Gift of Blogging

Social Media connects us all!

Social Media connects us all!

I had to write a blog post because I am so terribly excited how inspired hijabis are about social media.

I went through a period where I moved to a new place and didn’t know a soul except my girl Fay. On top of that, I was exposed to some fairly immature mean girl instances that made me want to run and hide and not be social at all. Luckily, I have found my core group of girlfriends who I trust and love more than anything alhamdulillah.

The other gift in my life I received was this blog. It has connected me to so many of you! When I used to read how I was supposed to love my sisters in Islam for the sake of God, I used to feel uncomfortable, but now that I have started up this blog, I can honestly say that I live that saying more than ever. So many of you sisters have uplifted my spirits and made me feel welcome in the blogosphere. How can I possibly thank you all?

I am also so proud of my girl Sana Hasan for starting her own blog called Mod Hijabi. For those of you who need fashion inspiration, please check her out! She is not only a hijabi fashionista, but she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside mA.

If you want super delicious baking recipes, please check out Aaisha Shaikh’s Baking Part Time blog.

I have been friends with both of these bloggers before they launched their blogs, but their blogs give me a glimpse into a part of them I may not have seen before. So for social media I am grateful. It lets me know that we have our own local circle, but we can branch out and add far flung friends to our circles too. So, if you have been tempted to start blogging, taking pictures and sharing, please do so! I promise its a fantastic voyage and I will be one of your biggest cheerleaders too.

Raising Muslim Kids In A Hyper Sexualized World

Muslim Children in Hyderabad

Muslim Children in Hyderabad

With more children suffering at the hands of this sexually driven world, I am starting to feel scared as a Muslim parent. Recently, The Telegraph did a whole article about the prevalence of pornography in all facets of our lives and how they are starting to affect children. Reading the article struck fear in my heart. As a parent of a toddler who is barely 2, I am starting to realize that she is absorbing everything around her; good and bad.

I am lucky because at this age, I can be her media gatekeeper. I refuse to watch anything remotely adult around her. It has been a blessing for me too. I recently shared an article on my Facebook about how desensitized that our society has become that Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance did not cause anyone to bat an eyelash. I was blessed because I didn’t subject my eyes and my soul to what was described as a purely objectifying performance that did a disservice to the singer and women in general. However, I can’t shield my child from glancing over magazine covers while in line to buy groceries and other inevitable instances of sexualized exposure.

That being said, I am not going to despair. In the time of the Prophet, there were all sorts of ignorance (jahiliyya) around. People used to go around the Kaaba naked! So in order to combat these influences that may take away my child’s innocence, I plan to do the following:

  • Spend as much time as I can: I plan to spend every moment I can ENGAGED with my child. I lock my phone in an unknown place unless we are FaceTiming grandparents and I spend as much time as I can talking to my child face to face. we play games, we play pretend, we do yoga, we watch child appropriate TV. We even pray together. I want my time with her to dominate her memories.
  • Teach boundaries: I want my daughter to know what is right and wrong. When she does something wrong, I simply say stop and walk away so she knows that there are consequences to her wrong actions. I hope this instills a sense of responsibility in her inshallah. I am still a new parent, so if anyone has any pointers, please let me know! She knows that she can’t touch any electronic device without a grown up supervising.
  • Show your love: I show my daughter I love her all the time to the point she rubs my kisses away. But I want her to know that she is loved for who she is, not for what she looks like or what she can give anyone. I want her to grow up feeling valued as a human being so that when the time comes, she will know that she is not an object and that she has more to contribute to society. It is so sad, but even The Onion did a parody piece about the awkward moment that a girl transitions into a sexual being. So when that moment comes, I hope that my daughter knows she is more than that to me and can hold tight to the values I raise her with inshallah.

Hijabi Trend Alert: Shoes With Bows

Jimmy Choo Blush Bow Tie Pump

Jimmy Choo Blush Bow Tie Pump

Happy Wednesday Hijabi Life readers! Today is all about a shoe trend I am so happy to see: shoes with bows. I love girly details like ruffles and bows because it reminds me of playing dress up when I was younger. While recent trends have been a bit more tough chic (think spikes and studs), I think this trend is a nicer more translatable one for hijabis who like to keep things simple. Jimmy Choo is making a big push on shoes with bows for spring, but I can imagine that fast fashion retailers like Zara and H&M will catch up with their own more affordable version of the shoes with bows trend.

What do you think? Would you rock this look with your hijabi style? I know I would definitely rock a flats version of this. I simply can’t do heels as a mommy of a very active toddler! I admire all mommies who can do heels because it is definitely not easy!

PS: Jimmy Choo wants to see what your Instagram pictures of shoes with bows look like. Make sure to use the #bow hashtag.

Hijabi Beauty: Matte Lips


It has been a while since I did a beauty post, but can I say how excited I am about this new beauty trend of matte lips? I was sort of getting tired of slicked up lips.

Matte lips are back!

While I am glad matte lips are back, I hate how dry matte lipstick is. NYX has introduced a genius product called lip creams.

They go on smooth like a lipgloss with a tube and wand, but dry to a long lasting matte finish. One thing to warn about is that if you have dry lips or flakes, this will show so make sure to exfoliate before applying!

I decided to try Amena Khan from Pearl Daisy’s pick of Tokyo and went with a bold pick with Addis Ababa. I love how both of them look! Make sure to check them out. I bought mine on sale from Sear’s if that answers your question on where to buy them.

Which lip cream would you try? Let me know!

Hijab Trend: Hijab With Volume

So a big thing among stylish hijabis is styling your hijab with a lot of volume. While this is an appealing trend, one thing that sort of bothers me is this direct Hadith: The Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “There are two types of the people of Hell that I have never seen: people with whips like the tails of cattle, with which they strike people, and women who are dressed but appear naked, walking with an enticing gait, with their heads looking like the humps of camels leaning to one side. They will never enter Paradise, nor even smell its fragrance, although its fragrance can be discerned from such and such a distance.” [Muslim]

It is important to note that while women assume this means physical hair, the hadith states “heads looking like camel humps” which is what scares me. Now if you are a hijabi who does this look, I am not trying to attack you, but I am trying to research what other hijabis’ takes are on this hadith.

What are your thoughts on the subject? I can honestly say that I have been guilty of using this hijab look, but once I remembered this hadith, I have decided to stay away from the over volumized look. The way I personally avoid it is by tying a low bun versus a high bun when I can.

The Grace in Gratitude


I am finishing off my birthday weekend (after eating way too much cake…yes my sugar fast has ended and I think I need to get back on it) and I am laying in a comfortable bed with my little babykin to warm me. I feel content and grateful to God.

Gratitude is something we all talk about trying to have, but why is that? It is most likely because when you are grateful about the people and things in your life, then you are happy. That is the real secret to happiness. Trust me, happiness doesn’t come from money, being insanely beautiful, or having a number of material things.

In fact, if that were the case, I think most super models would never have a divorce, rich people would never get depressed, and self help writers would definitely be out of a job because the rest of us would be a lost cause.

As I gain more experience in life, I realize that a lot of my own happiness comes from being thankful. Thankful to Allah (swt) for a roof over my head, food to eat, my family, and my amazing friends. When I think about those suffering in a multitude of countries, I feel guilty for even doubting my luck for a second.

So if you feel stressed, bitter, or upset, ask yourself if you have counted your blessings. That is the trick. Count your own blessings instead of someone else’s. Try it and let me know how you feel.