The Gift of Blogging

Social Media connects us all!

Social Media connects us all!

I had to write a blog post because I am so terribly excited how inspired hijabis are about social media.

I went through a period where I moved to a new place and didn’t know a soul except my girl Fay. On top of that, I was exposed to some fairly immature mean girl instances that made me want to run and hide and not be social at all. Luckily, I have found my core group of girlfriends who I trust and love more than anything alhamdulillah.

The other gift in my life I received was this blog. It has connected me to so many of you! When I used to read how I was supposed to love my sisters in Islam for the sake of God, I used to feel uncomfortable, but now that I have started up this blog, I can honestly say that I live that saying more than ever. So many of you sisters have uplifted my spirits and made me feel welcome in the blogosphere. How can I possibly thank you all?

I am also so proud of my girl Sana Hasan for starting her own blog called Mod Hijabi. For those of you who need fashion inspiration, please check her out! She is not only a hijabi fashionista, but she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside mA.

If you want super delicious baking recipes, please check out Aaisha Shaikh’s Baking Part Time blog.

I have been friends with both of these bloggers before they launched their blogs, but their blogs give me a glimpse into a part of them I may not have seen before. So for social media I am grateful. It lets me know that we have our own local circle, but we can branch out and add far flung friends to our circles too. So, if you have been tempted to start blogging, taking pictures and sharing, please do so! I promise its a fantastic voyage and I will be one of your biggest cheerleaders too.



The jumbo shrimp skewers at my girl Fay’s birthday BBQ.

I know I wrote about the power of friends in an earlier blog post, but given the fact that women need a support system more now than ever, I wanted to discuss it more in depth.

When you go through a loss in this world, a woman may get some solace and support from her husband, father or brother, but more often than not, the support that keeps her going is her mother, sister, and friends. This is why a lot of Hadith that discusses brotherhood should apply to sisters as well.

When you need a sympathetic ear, who do you turn to besides Allah (swt)? For me, it’s my mother, sister, mother in law, and friends. In fact, I feel like Allah (swt) answers some of my most desperate prayers by compelling my girlfriends to call me when I need it most.

For example, when I was pregnant, I was so far away from my mom but I feel like Allah (swt) brought an angel in the form of my girl Sarah. My friend Sarah was there to hold my hand in labor and called a nurse when I wanted that epidural.

When I first moved to SF, my girl Fay introduced me to all my good friends here mA. She threw my baby shower and listened to me whenever I got home sick.

My girl Sandra always listens to my crazy ideas and encourages me to listen to my heart especially when it comes to Islam.

My girl Farah has been my bestie since I was 13. She introduced me to Sunday school and kept me straight in the deen in my formative years. I feel like our souls must have met before we even met in this world because she knows me so well Alh.

Each one of these remarkable ladies reminds me how lucky the Prophet (saws) was to have his own group of close friends. I mean who else is going to hide in a cave with you when there are assassins chasing you? If you look at the life of the Prophet (saws), you will always find examples that are relevant in your own life.

For me, I am just grateful I got to share good food and good company today. Make sure you thank your own support system today.

The Beauty of Friends

If you are lucky, you have friends that not only are with you during good times, but through hard times too. I mean a friend who doesn’t just agree with everything you say or do, but a friend who is willing to set you straight.

That type of friendship is rare, but if you find it, Islam recommends you cultivate it and care for it.

In Islam, the Prophet (saws) always spoke of the importance of brotherhood and camaraderie.

“You cannot enter paradise unless you become a total believer and you won’t become a total believer unless you love each other.”

I have always relied on my girlfriends to get me through life and give me good advice based on Islam. I can honestly say that they make me a better wife and mother. I love you ladies! I hope you know that your love counts with Allah (swt).

So if you are having a bad day, make sure you talk it out with a close friend. And make sure to share this post and tell them how much you love them!