Mint Green Love

Mint Green with Hearts Hijab From Haute Hijab

Mint Green with Hearts Hijab From Haute Hijab

As we see more pastel iterms crop up in time for spring, I have been really looking for a really pretty but unique mint green hijab to wear. I have a mint green pashmina, but I feel like it was such a typical pastel hijab. I wanted something that was fresh and fashion forward. When I found this mint green with hearts hijab from Haute Hijab, I was beyond THRILLED! It was just springy enough to fit with my spring pieces, but since it had black hearts, gave me the versatility to style with my heavier black pieces.

The hijabs from Haute Hijab make sense for California weather since they are very lightweight. Almost like a chiffon feel.

I believe this hijab is sold out, but check back with Haute Hijab on other fun new hijabs soon iA. I love ordering hijabs online from them since their shipping is really fast and you always get Mel’s personal note which I think is a nice touch. Let me know what you think if you order from them!

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