Online Shopping Review: JewelsNGems

20140102-231134.jpgSalaam my lovelies! I hope you had a wonderful New Year inshallah. If you have one new Year’s resolution, I hope it is to pamper yourself a little bit more. As a wife and mom (but even when I was a single student), I used to put my needs on the back burner just to take care of my loved ones. Well, think of taking care of yourself as a way to ensure that you can keep taking care of your loved ones without burning out. So one of the things I barely do is actually buy any hijab accessories or jewelry. Everything I wear is actually given by someone else. Alhamdulillah I can’t complain, but isn’t it nice to wear jewelry that you personally picked out? I know I feel the prettiest with jewelry that I adore!

If you want to spoil yourself, there is an amazing online store called JewelsNGems that has the most luxurious and unique hijab accessories that I have ever seen. Here is my rundown of the site:

Online Browsing: Here I have to say that the company has done a wonderful job in terms of cataloging and displaying their high quality jewelry and accessories. Their tabs allow users to find exactly what they are looking for; whether it is hijab pins or necklaces or ornate Indian style fantasy jewelry.

Buying Experience:Their site is also easy to convert to different currencies and you know exactly what price each of the items are. You can keep adding items to your cart and browse. When you actually check out, it’s via Pay Pal and it is very easy to either check out as a guest or create a Pay Pal account.

Shipping:Given that my order came through during Christmas and this vendor is located in the U.K., I am very pleased with how fast these items came through! I will warn you that as with all U.K. sites that I have come across, the shipping may be more than the accessories you order so be sure to save up and order a bunch of items or share an order with a friend to ensure that you feel like shipping the items is worth it.

Once I received my package, I was struck by the care that went into not only the items, but how it was presented. Each item was bagged in its bag, and the site even sends you a complimentary chocolate (which was European deliciousness and gone in minute!).

Every accessory is the highest quality and each crystal placed on the accessories are held into place by sturdy prongs to ensure that it will stay intact for a long time. The crystals are iridescent and have an incandescent beauty. If you want to feel like a hijabi princess, this is the site for you.

Win A FREE Hijab from Hijab-ista!



Salaam Ladies! As you know, I love the site Hijab-ista for my scarf needs. They have a ton of cool clothes, hijabs, and hijab accessories. Did I mention that they also ship really fast too? Well if you want to learn more about them and get a chance to win a FREE hijab of your choice, make sure to like the Hijab-ista Facebook page and share the photo on your own Facebook page. It’s really that simple. I hope one of you ladies win (iA) and let me know if you do! I personally would DIE for one of their lace hijabs. It seems so mysteriously stylish.

Hijabi Trend Alert: Ornate Hijab Jewels

Happy Monday lovely ladies! I hope that you had an amazing weekend. I was very busy running after my chubster. With my Hubster being busier than ever with work, I am getting a workout chasing after our baby! One thing I always manage to do is catch up on my stylish hijabis in action on social media channels. Do you know what I noticed?

Major hijab bling in the form of not only headbands and brooches, but hijabis are pinning actual necklaces on their foreheads too! Maybe its because I am desi, but I am loving this look. It may be too princess for some hijabis, and this look is not for everyday wear, but I think its lovely. What do you think? Is this a Do or a Don’t?

Hijabi Obsession: Emerald Green

Source: via Jo on Pinterest

I am obsessed with all things green all the time (my favorite color is green). It reminds me lush trees, grass, and just life in general. So I was absolutely THRILLED to hear that the color of 2013 is emerald green! It is time to go break out my emerald green pieces now.

Here are some tips on how to rock green:

  • Embrace texture: Colors like green look fresh in materials like leather and lace.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix it up: Wear it with other bright colors for an unexpected look. I like to pair mine with dark pink.
  • Don’t forget accessories: I love emerald toned jewelry. How pretty would an emerald brooch placed on a white hijab look? Also don’t forget purses, belts and gloves!
  • Don’t put away the mint: Remember all of those lovely flowy mint pieces from last season? Keep them and mix it with darker green pieces. Since they are all in the same color family, you will look polished.

As long as you are happy to rock it, then you will look amazing. So wear what you love! There are no rules to fashion, which is why it is so fun.

Hijabis: Where to Shop

20121206-085037.jpgHijab by and brooches by

As a hijabi, I always think its challenging to buy hijabs. Unless you live in a large city with a diverse population (like my lucky London or NYC readers) you probably just have one option in terms of where you can buy your hijabs. In the Bay area, we have a few stores that sell hijabs and hijab pins, but it’s not quite as large of a market like my hometown of New York City.

One the blessings of social media and the internet is that it has allowed hijab vendors from all over the world to offer their goods and services to hijabis that don’t have access to such goods and services locally.

Since ordering online is always a gamble, I will take the risk for my readers and give you the lowdown about the price, shipping time and costs, quality of the items, and overall customer experience.


Recently, I ordered a few items from Hijab-ista. I ordered three hijab chains and a hijab.

Price: In terms of cost, this site gives you great quality items for a good price. Even with shipping, it was better for me to order online than to buy the same items locally. Now that is what I call a bargain! I bought 3 hijab chains and a hijab for under $40.

Shipping: The lovely ladies at Hijab-ista were very quick! The minute I ordered my items, I was sent a confirmation email. And it got to my doorstep much faster than other items I order online. I was impressed.

Quality: The quality of the items were good. The hijab pins were especially lovely and I can’t wait to wear them. I bought one of them as a gift for a dear friend and I know she will love it.


I also ordered a hijab from Vela, a small hijab designer from LA. I ordered the Pleated Chain Scarf.

Price: This site is not for starving student hijabis (unless you have other means of funding haha). I only purchased ONE hijab and with shipping it cost $44! However that being said, designer Marwa Atik uses the best materials possible. This scarf is like a piece of artwork. So if you are looking for a high quality scarf, this is it.

I will say that as a curvy hijabi, I think this hijab line is more suited for smaller chested hijabis since its so sheer and the amount of material covers my neck, but I have to use another scarf to cover my chest properly.

Shipping: Shipping was pretty pricey even for same state transactions. It also took a while to get it. But the hijab was worth the wait!

Quality: The first term that came to mind when I saw my scarf from Vela was luxurious detailing. Each scarf is handmade and you can tell. I loved how the pleats and chain detailing are so different from the hijabs I already own. If you need a scarf for a special occasion, Vela is your place to shop.

I hope this review helps you! Let me know which online hijab stores to shop and review next.