Hijabi Trend Alert: Ornate Hijab Jewels

Happy Monday lovely ladies! I hope that you had an amazing weekend. I was very busy running after my chubster. With my Hubster being busier than ever with work, I am getting a workout chasing after our baby! One thing I always manage to do is catch up on my stylish hijabis in action on social media channels. Do you know what I noticed?

Major hijab bling in the form of not only headbands and brooches, but hijabis are pinning actual necklaces on their foreheads too! Maybe its because I am desi, but I am loving this look. It may be too princess for some hijabis, and this look is not for everyday wear, but I think its lovely. What do you think? Is this a Do or a Don’t?

2 thoughts on “Hijabi Trend Alert: Ornate Hijab Jewels

  1. Asalaamu’alaikum! Wearing necklaces on top of my hijaab would make me conscious, especially if they are thick Indian ones (I fear they’d fall off.) And yeah, better kept for fat weddings, where bling wouldn’t seem out-of-place 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment. I would definitely suggest using straight hijab pins in order to keep the head piece in place. I would also suggest more delicate chains since it would be less heavy…I would get a headache with something more substantial!

      Thanks for stopping by and keep commenting on Hijabi Life.

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