Must See: Downton Abbey

As a busy hijabi mommy who works full time and juggles inlaws, I never have time to see movies. I WISH I could see The Hobbit! (I am such a huge JRR Tolkien nerd. I read all the appendices including how Arwen met Aragorn).

But I digress.

As a result, I spend a lot of evenings at home watching TV with my little family. One of my newest TV obsessions hails from the UK.

The UK is not only been home to some of the most gorgeous hijabis ever, but one of the best television dramas I have seen. Downton Abbey is not only family friendly, it’s also addictive.

From the complex plot lines to the ornate costumes (I would kill to wear Mary Crawley’s evening dresses), Downton Abbey has it all.

If you are bored on a Sunday pull this one up on Netflix or catch the current season on PBS. It is family entertainment at its best.

After you watch it, let me know who your faves are and who you think the baddies are. 🙂

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