LJ Originals By Layla Jalanbo

Chantilly High Waisted Skirt

Chantilly High Waisted Skirt


I am always inspired by the beautiful hijabis of the Bay area, so when I saw my girlfriend Sana rocking her skirt for Eid, I knew I had to get it! Ladies, if you are looking for high quality hijabi friendly skirts that are sewn by a fellow hijabi designer, please try LJ Originals by Layla Jalanbo. Layla is extremely talented and all about making sure each piece is specially made just for you. I have to say, her pieces are in limited stock. So far, her skirts are all sold out, but the one featured above called the Chantilly High Waisted skirt is still available.

I personally chose the Chantilly high waisted skirt for myself since it is a romantic print and I am all about romance. I love it! Whether you are curvy or long and lean, this skirt has the most stunning shape and flow. Trust me, I own plenty of designer pieces and none of my skirts are this beautiful.

Make sure to like the LJ Originals by Layla Jalanbo Facebook page as well! Let me know when you order one of her items and I may feature you on Hijabi Life!

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