Winter to Spring

Winter to Spring

Get a head start on spring fashions with some of your winter pieces

Are you at a loss on how to transition to spring? Are you also on a tight budget? One easy way to transition to spring is to use pink accents to brighten up your winter neutral pieces. If you have a cute winter cardigan, pair it with an easy breezy maxi skirt and some spring shoes and you are ready to get out and enjoy spring!

Hijabi Obsession: Angels On Bare Skin By Lush


Get glowy skin with Lush

Salaam my lovelies! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend inshallah. I know that I mentioned how I moved, but did I tell you how it ruined my skin in the process? With the move, I happened to lose my Clarisonic charger. (For those of you who don’t know, Clarisonic is a skin brush that helps you clean your face and I don’t know what I did before I owned this beauty tool.). So anyhow, without my Clarisonic, I noticed that my skin started getting blackheads and I started to break out again!

I was resigned to riding out my breakouts, but then I walked in to Lush Cosmetics. Personally, I avoid Lush because I feel like the smell in the store is overpowering, and I just don’t know a thing about what to use. While I was in there, a customer kept raving about something called Angels on Bare Skin. So I asked for a sample. Angels on Bare Skin is a gentle skin cleanser and exfoliator that contains kaolin, ground almonds, glycerine, rose, lavender oil, lavender flowers, and chamomile oil. It looks sort of like wet sand with flowers sprinkled throughout. Here is my take on this skin cleanser:

It’s Natural

I liked the concept of using an all natural cleansing method. You may have read about my oil cleansing method review, and I mentioned there that one of the things I loved about the oil cleansing method is that it is all natural.

It’s Gentle

As a hijabi in her thirties, I noticed that I can not just tug my skin around. I have to be gentle and careful with my skin. I avoid anything with harsh chemicals or detergents. Angels on Bare Skin is very gentle. I used to use St. Ive’s Apricot scrub, but the scrubbing particles were too jagged and harsh for my skin at this age. The ground almonds are just the right amount of exfoliant for skin that can’t take a harsh scrubbing.

It’s Mid Priced

I can’t deny the fact that this cleanser may be a bit pricey for some readers. However, I find that when I invest in skin care, I can cheap out a bit more with my beauty products or skip some products all together. Your skin is something you should take care of since its an amana (trust) from God. If you feel like this price point is still too high, I would recommend using a DIY version of this product. Here is an Angels on Bare Skin recipe that seems promising. I personally think its more affordable than some cleansers I adored and used in the past (ahem Chantecaille Foaming Rice Geranium cleanser).

It It Perfect for Dry Climates

Since this cleanser has kaolin clay, it draws out impurities, but still has a nice lavender oil which not only acts like an antiseptic, but soothes as well. The combination has definitely helped me since I moved to a drier climate and my skin has dried out to the point where I look like a ghost. (Not a good look if you ask me. Though some desi aunties like that geisha look haha.)

All in all, I love how Angels on Bare Skin calmed my breakouts and helps me achieve a nice glow like I used to get with the oil cleansing method. So if you ask me, I may still hate how the Lush store smells, but I will brave it to try more new things. Are there any Lush product that you recommend I try? Let me know in the comment section!

Hijabi Obsession: Ombré


I know that deep down inside I am a New Yorker (I love head to toe black) but ever since I moved to California, I have been embracing more colors into my wardrobe.

The sunny warm weather year round here makes it hard to wear black comfortably! So you can imagine that I rock a lot of lightweight layers when I get dressed every day.

One trend I am currently rocking is the ombré hijab. It makes it easy to rock different shades of the same color because the shades are all in the hijab! Perfect for busy moms like me who don’t have time to color coordinate all the time.

And yes, since its sunny here I love wearing a hat on top of my hijab. If there was a non dorky hijab with a brim attached, I would so rock it. Protecting your face and eyes are a must ladies (it helps you look younger too haha).

Try the ombré look and tell me what you think. It’s everywhere now. Head to H&M and pick one up now to try!

Hijabi Trend: Stripes

Outfit based on stripes

Hijabis can rock graphic stripes in style!

I am currently in love with all things Audrey Hepburn. I just loved her polished chic style. One thing she loved to do was wear classics but add her own twist to it. She would pair slim cropped pants with a nice boatneck top with graphic stripes and look instantly pulled together. Since I am more of a curvy body type, I did this outfit set with this in mind. I kept the graphic stripes, but I worked it with a nice dress nipped at the waist along with some wide leg jeans. I picked a dress shape similar to what a curvy starlet like Marilyn Monroe would wear but made it more modest with the wide leg jeans and the cropped white cardigan. Don’t worry about that rule on horizontal stripes. I feel like the smaller the stripes are, the more you can get away with. Plus breaking up those stripes with a jacket helps prevent the widening effect. Heels ensure you look less dumpy as well. I hate heels, but for challenging trends, heels definitely help.

PS: Am I the only hijabi who HATES skinny jeans??? I just feel like they are not modest enough for me. Plus, it makes everyone looked like a stuffed turkey (unless you are blessed with a slim frame like Audrey Hepburn).