Hijabi Obsession: Ombré


I know that deep down inside I am a New Yorker (I love head to toe black) but ever since I moved to California, I have been embracing more colors into my wardrobe.

The sunny warm weather year round here makes it hard to wear black comfortably! So you can imagine that I rock a lot of lightweight layers when I get dressed every day.

One trend I am currently rocking is the ombré hijab. It makes it easy to rock different shades of the same color because the shades are all in the hijab! Perfect for busy moms like me who don’t have time to color coordinate all the time.

And yes, since its sunny here I love wearing a hat on top of my hijab. If there was a non dorky hijab with a brim attached, I would so rock it. Protecting your face and eyes are a must ladies (it helps you look younger too haha).

Try the ombré look and tell me what you think. It’s everywhere now. Head to H&M and pick one up now to try!

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