Being Present: Mommyhood Woes

As a proud mom of a toddler, I keep repeating “This is happening too fast! Stop growing!” My little girl is reaching each milestone faster and faster.

It also makes me realize how important it is to be content with your life and the people in it RIGHT now. Too often, we have conditions attached to our happiness. “If I get into school” or “When I get married”. What we forget is to be grateful for what we have NOW.

I remember how when my daughter was first born, I would say “it will get easier later” or “when she gets bigger I will”. But now that she is turning into this beautiful person, I realize how I should have savored her babyhood a little more.

So now, I am more engaged with her. I read her stories (I always have) but I play with her too. I make silly faces. I do very inelegant and unfashionable things just to make her laugh. I want her to remember me as a fun loving mom. Not a mom who was counting the moments to the next milestone.

In a way, I have to thank Allah for giving her as a gift to my life. Because without her, I would have never learned to slow down. So I thank God every chance I get. And I also pray to slow down this rapid growth just a tad too ;).