The Eyes Have It: Best Eyeliner Kits

Buxom Layer On the Gems Collection

Buxom Layer On the Gems Collection

As we all know, it is the holiday season and that means gift sets galore! While Muslims typically don’t have a holiday to celebrate around this time of year, I know that I definitely appreciate the abundance of gift sets. This is the time of year that I stock up on certain things such as perfumes and makeup brands because there are always great holiday deals.

One thing I am always a fan of is eyeliner. Even during the Prophet (saws)’s time, the companions used to enhance their eyes using kohl. I thought this was interesting. It does make sense since back during that time, the companions used to use perfume oils, apply henna, and even dye their hair! So beautifying the eyes is just one aspect of how they used to take care of the bodies that Allah (swt) gave them.

I know that some readers were bummed that the set I featured in the Deal of the Day was sold out, so I have TWO great eyeliner sets for you to try out.

The first above, is the Buxom Layer On The Gems Collection . For those of you who love colored eyeliner, this set has a nice mix of jewel toned eyeliners that are velvety smooth and glide on without too much tugging. I would recommend this as a starter eyeliner set for someone who wants to dabble in colored liners. The best part? It is $29. Typically, to buy each liner would set you back $56 if you wanted to buy all 4. So this set is a nice bargain if you want an array of eyeliners in your arsenal.

Urban Decay Eyeliner Set

The next set is Urban Decay’s Ocho Loco 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil Set . Urban Decay eyeliners are my absolute favorites because you can do a smoky eye in no time. I bought an eyeliner set for my younger cousin YEARS ago and she still LOVES it. (I warned her about infections for using a set from 2005, but she refuses to listen because it is THAT good). I hope that if you buy this set, you use it in a more sanitary fashion, but I promise you beautiful highly pigmented eyeliners that never fail to impress. That cousin of mine is KNOWN for her gorgeous peepers. For $59 a set, you get $152 worth of makeup! I know it is still steep, but these liners are not only creamy, but they are waterproof. So line your eyes and know that you are safe to cry if you want to (or take a dip in the ocean).

For my super bargainista hijabis, here is my absolute all time favorite:

L'Oreal Le Kohl Pencil in Carbon Black

L’Oreal Le Kohl Pencil in Carbon Black

L’Oreal Le Kohl Pencil is under $10 and you can use it to line your eyes, tightline in your waterline area, or even as a smoky eyeshadow. I use this pencil ALL the time. So there you have it. These are my top eyeliner picks for you. What is your favorite eyeliner?



Perfect Foundation Match: Sephora + Pantone Color IQ

20121107-155807.jpg Sephora + Pantone Color IQ station in San Francisco

Are you always searching for the perfect match in terms of foundation makeup? I know have! In fact, for me, searching for my HG (holy grail) foundation has taken years! It was actually easier to land my hubby than it is to find a perfect match for my skin tone with a foundation.

I tried the wide spectrum of Bare Minerals to Armani Luminous, and still no luck.

As a woman of color, I think it is quite challenging to find a foundation color that is not too chalky, but at the same time, not too muddy.

Well that is a thing of the past now! The geniuses over at Sephora seem to have a solution to the problem of finding the right color match in terms of foundation makeup. They have partnered up with Pantone to create a Color IQ.

What happens is this:

20121107-160418.jpgFirst, they ask you your makeup preferences. For example if you want full coverage versus sheer.

Second they take this amazing little scanner:

20121107-160644.jpg and they scan your face in a few different areas.

Since the skin color on our face varies in different areas, the machine then averages the skin tone of the various scanned spots to come up with the perfect match.

Finally, it pops up a list of perfect foundation matches for your skin tone. The lovelies at Sephora will then offer you samples of each foundation match to try at home. This allows you to find the best match for your own skin tone!

I think it’s brilliant! What about you? Have you tried this out yet? It’s only available in Sephora in NYC and SF for now, but I bet it will hit more stores soon.