New Hijab Obsession: Yellow


Cassidy Skirt by Tory Burch

As I admitted before, I was in a hijabi fashion rut where I tended to wear a lot of black (it’s slimming!), brown, and gray. When I did venture into color territory, I stuck with pastels for a very long time. This season, I have been embracing bolder, brighter, colors. Even with brights, I stuck with the universally flattering shades of cobalt blue, hot pink, and scarlet red.

Then, I read a blog post by the video blogger Amena from Pearl Daisy. and I loved what she wore! She looked so chic but still elegant. So taking some inspiration from her, I bought a lemon yellow cashmere sweater from Uniqlo. I wear it a LOT more than I thought I would. It is my new favorite thing to wear!

The other amazing thing about wearing the color yellow is that it really does seem to make me more optimistic. Since it is such a bright and happy color, you can’t help but smile as you step out of your home to begin your day. Another added perk is that wearing yellow seems to make other people smile too. I know my daughter loves it when I wear yellow and tries to feed me bananas in order to show me that she thinks I look like one of her favorite foods. It’s very sweet.

Today, I am surrounding myself with yellow and it really is uplifting my mood. I am wearing my sunny sweater, eating my favorite fruit (pineapple that my father in law brought for me) and feeling very thankful for the people who bring sunshine into my world.

Bring some sunshine in to your own by embracing my new favorite hijabi obsession: yellow!

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