Fashion Tips For Hijabis With Curves


As a hijabi, it can be challenging in general to figure out what to wear. Now imagine adding curves to that equation. As a curvy hijabi, I always feel an additional pressure to ensure that what I am wearing is modest, but doesn’t look like a potato sack either. I love all of my sisters in Islam, but it drives me crazy to see only smaller framed hijabis featured in Islamic magazines, sites or Instagram! Curvy ladies can be fashionable too!

Well curvy hijabis, there is help! Here are my tips for making sure we stay modest, but still embrace the fashionistas that we are.

Embrace Color: As a woman with curves, it can be tempting to drape ourselves in either black or gray. Ladies, don’t do it! One of the coolest visual tricks we have is to color block. Use a bright color to highlight a nicer feature. Wear a colorful printed hijab, wear a nice bright belt, or wear brights on the lower half of the body.

Belt It In: Before the haram police descend, it is possible to belt loose clothes tastefully without cinching it too tight that you can’t breathe. Wearing a belt helps curvier hijabis deflect looking like a blob by adding some definition.

Go Long: Hijabis with curves should embrace trends like tunic tops, longer blazers, or dress shirts. It helps cover certain areas that may be too appealing to show off outside our homes!

Always Start With A Good Foundation: Wearing items like a long sleeved turtleneck layered underneath a top with a low cut front can ensure that no “whoopsie” moments happen. I wear a high necked long sleeved top underneath all my maxi dresses, under my cardigans, and under anything that may expose skin. Also, for special occasions, wearing body shapers helps to eliminate any unsightly bulges. I personally use Spanx for special events.

Love Yourself: All hijabis should love who they are. If you are a slender hijabi, mashallah! If you are a curvier hijabi, make peace with yourself. Know that all hijabis are beautiful in the sight of Allah (swt). Let me know if these tips help you. Add some of your own if you have them. Know that I love you all.

2 thoughts on “Fashion Tips For Hijabis With Curves

    • Thank you for the sweet compliment. I would normally say no to horizontal stripes, but I recently bought a dress with skinny stripes that is amazing. 🙂

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