Follow Friday: Noor Tagouri

Noor Tagouri

Noor Tagouri aspires to be the first hijabi news anchor on a major US network

Salaams my lovelies! Jumah mubarak to you all. As you know, I typically do a Follow Friday blog post on a hijabi’s Instagram account that I adore. Well I know I have blogged about Noor Tagouri before, but her Instagram account just begs to be followed. Why is that, you ask? She is a globe trotting, fearless example of a hijabi who is trying to show the best side of our faith to others. Whether she is studying domestic violence in Italy, or going on speaking engagements, Noor Tagouri’s Instagram account can serve as a inspiration to empower other hijabis to be active in their communities.

She is also beautiful too mashallah! However, she is not just a pretty face. What really strikes me is the beauty of her actions. You can really see her trying to understand where others are coming from. I feel like this is an essential quality of news anchors. If you look at the most popular news personalities, it is not their looks that make them successful, it is their ability to relate with the people that they are interviewing to get them to open up about their lives. I think Noor Tagouri will follow in those footsteps and really shine as a news anchor inshallah.

Her Instagram account is @ntagouri. Make sure to follow her for your own daily dose of community activism.

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Let Noor Shine: Noor Tagouri

I hope my readers had a wonderful weekend! I wanted to share a personal story with you. Since I started this Muslim lifestyle blog, I have gotten tremendous support. It has been amazing how this little blog has attracted thousands of you readers. The response has uplifted me and I wanted to say thank you. From my own experience, I see how the power of support can help us all achieve our dreams. There is a very young (but very talented) hijabi named Noor Tagouri that I wanted to tell you all about.

She is trying to be the first American hijabi news anchor and I think that we can help her. Even though she is much younger than most of us, she is definitely an inspiration for me and I hope she will be for you too.  Check out her video below:

Let’s help Noor achieve her dreams iA!