Online Shopping Review: Rhonda’s Collections


Rhonda’s Collection is a great place to shop for fully lined figure flattering kaftans for a glam look.

I am always on the look out for great places to shop for modest, yet fashionable clothing items. My latest find is an online store that sells butterfly kaftans and other modest fashion designs. Meet Rhonda’s Collections, an online store based in the UK that should be on your online shopping destinations list:

Here is a rundown of how I ordered my items through Rhonda’s Collections:

Online Browsing: For this, I feel like Rhonda’s Collection should do a refresh and add kaftans under the clothing category. All of their kaftans are currently listed under Dresses. I would click the drop down that says Clothing, then select the option that says Dresses (UK 6-12). Other than that, the images are true to what you order and there is a diverse group of options.

Buying Experience: Once you purchase your items, you will get a note with salams via email thanking you for your purchase along with a convenient tracking number that you can use to track your shipment. Very handy especially if you need the items before a big event like Eid or a wedding. They also make sure to always add a free gift with any purchase and it is typically a very pretty piece of jewelry that you can use to accessorize with your purchase.

Shipping: There is FREE shipping for all orders in the UK at special times of the year. For all other countries, shipping is a flat rate of $27! That is a lot of money, so I would suggest ordering with a group of friends, or at least ordering multiple items so you can stock up. It ships quickly and you will get an email notification of when it ships along with a tracking URL. You can track when your package will arrive which is always nice!

When I finally opened my package, I thought the kaftans looked even better in person than they did online! My mom has already told me I need to order her one and one for my sister, so I foresee a lot of shopping with Rhonda’s Collections inshallah. Make sure to check them out for the nicest butterfly kaftans and butterfly abayas around.

Hijabi Obsession: Jeweled Kaftans

Jeweled kaftans add just the right amount of glitz of glamour while still being modest.

Jeweled kaftans add just the right amount of glitz of glamour while still being modest.

I have a confession to make: I love to look stylish, but comfort and convenience often seems to win out in my personal battle of comfort vs. style. I love how some hijabis can put some effort and time into looking so beautiful, but for me, it is a challenge to ensure my toddler is dressed (and allows me to comb her hair)! Forget about me! What is a mom with an active toddler to do? I truly don’t want to wait till my babykins is in her 20s to start looking good.

The answer to this dilemma of comfort vs. style is a jeweled kaftan. My dirty little secret is that you can always don a jeweled kaftan over your pajamas. I kid you not ladies. I was running late to a dinner party and had no idea what to wear since I literally had 10 minutes to get ready. So I threw on a jeweled kaftan over my pajamas and voila! I was instantly dressy without having to do much else. The hostess pulled me aside to tell me how beautiful I looked and well that always makes anyone’s day right? I happened to buy my kaftan from a specialty hijab shop in Lilburn, GA while I was visiting my sister, but there are plenty of places you can find a nice kaftan to wear for weddings and special occasions.

If you are an online shopper, make sure to try out Mohajababes. They have a large selection of beautiful jeweled kaftans. I also love that they help support one of my favorite organizations as a featured designer: Fashion Fighting Famine. Make sure to check them out and let me know what you think! I will be posting a review on their kaftans, hijab accessories and hijabs soon inshallah!