Halal Nail Polish? Inglot May Have An Answer

Inglot O2M Nail Polish


So there is a lot of buzz about a “halal nail polish” that allows Muslim women to wear a nail polish and pray without having to remove it in order to make wudu.

For my non Muslim readers, Muslims are required to perform ablutions and wash up before our 5 daily prayers. This includes water reaching our nail beds so that we are pure when we pray to God.

When you wear traditional nail polish, the polish prevents water from reaching the nail bed which is why most Muslim women abstain from wearing nail polish unless they are not praying (breast feeding, menstruating etc).

The cosmetics company Inglot has introduced a polish called O2M which allows water vapors to reach the nail bed. Initially, I was skeptical since vapor does not sound as substantial as water. However, according to Suhaib Webb’s site, it seems that doing a simple coffee filter test shows that water does reach the nail bed.

So there you have it! While I personally will still avoid wearing polish till I can’t pray, at least there is a new option on the market.

What are your thoughts?