Face Masks That Work

Face Masks That Work

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GlamGlow clay mask

Who doesn’t want to wake up with fresh radiant skin that is blemish free? While we all know that makeup can work wonders, I am one of those hijabis who would prefer not to cake on the makeup in order to look good. Why can’t my skin just be as is? That being said, sometimes our skin does not always cooperate. This is when I turn to face masks depending on the skin issue I have.

This summer for me was the summer of face masks. I always feel like the masks I do at home are more effective than any facials I have done at the spa. Perhaps this is because I am not an advocate of extractions (they can harm your skin more than help). For me, I find it more effective to use a nice warm towel over my face to open my pores, and then to use a face mask.

Here are my top face masks depending on what you need. Remember, these are masks that worked for me. Always test a small patch of your skin before trying anything new in your skin regiment:

For Blemishes: I highly recommend Lumene’s Matt Touch Deep Cleansing Peat Mask. It literally pulls out the gunk from my pores for a nice blemish free face. Apply a thin layer and let it sit for 10 minutes. I prefer to towel off this mask with a warm wet washcloth to really feel the mask working.

For Radiance: I recommend Glam Glow Mask. While I am not too fond of the smell or large tea leaves in this mask, this mask will bring up your circulation to your face for an undeniable glow.

For Younger Looking Skin: You have to try Exfolikate. Not only does it smell like yummy cinnamon pumpkin, it literally buffs away dead skin cells better than any other mask to reveal fresher, younger looking skin.

For Dry Skin: This is my cheapest recommendation yet. Even as a college student, I used to use Vaseline for a variety of things. One of my favorite uses is to smear a thin layer all over my face and wipe it off with a hot wet washcloth. You are left with soft supple skin and a nice fresh glow that literally costs pennies!