Modest Swimsuits for Summer

Madamme BK Modest Swimwear

The Hijablog rocking a Madamme BK modest swimsuit.

Salaams my lovelies! I hope you are all doing well inshallah. I know that since summer has arrived, I have seen my spare time shift to spending more times outdoors, in the sun, and even by the pool. Yes, I wrote the pool. Contrary to what some hijabis think, you can spend time at the pool or beach and still be modest. Long ago, I remember that I had to resort to wearing long sleeved shirts and quick drying workout pants in order to “swim.”  One of the saddest things I can confess is that since I wore hijab at such an early age, I never really learned how to swim! I could never find a modest outfit that allowed me to swim or learn to swim properly. Inshallah, I plan to learn to swim soon since swimming is one of the activities the Prophet (saws) recommended all believers should know (along with riding a horse and archery). When the burquini came on to the scene, I viewed it as an opportunity to learn the skill I so badly wanted to learn.

Alhamdulillah, we have come a long way from one hijabi friendly swimsuit line to a medley of modest swimwear options. Here are some great hijabi swimwear options if you are looking for the perfect modest swimsuit:

  1. Madamme BK: Seen on the likes of Yaz the Spaz, the Hijablog, Indahnadapuspita, and other hijabi fashion icons, this modest bathing suit is perfect for the fashionista type who doesn’t want to compromise her sense of style  or modesty while she is out at the pool or beach.
  2. Simply Zeena: This line of swimwear are for the practical hijabis who need a suit that is functional and not too frilly. This line is perfect for young hijabi moms who don’t want their kids tugging on their suit.
  3. Modest Sea: A line of swimwear for the athletically inclined. The aerodynamic suits with racing stripes and sporty details are ideal for a hijabi who loves to work out and play hard.
  4. Burqini: I couldn’t ignore the original modest bathing suit for hijabis could I? An old standby and the brand trusted by Australian lifeguards.

Do you have a modest bathing suit that you love? Share the love and let us know in the comments below!


5 thoughts on “Modest Swimsuits for Summer

  1. I’m confused by the picture posted alongside this article more than anything. What about depicts modesty or hijab? May Allah protect us all from the way we glorify what shaytan loves so much. Flaunting the body, hugging the waist, showing the shape of your breasts. This pic actually makes me want to cry.

    • Zahra, this photo depicts just one way you can wear a modest bathing suit. Remember, that all of us are on different paths to modesty and it’s a personal journey. I almost added modest bathing suits for women who don’t wear hijab at all. Why? Because I have non-Muslim readers who may be more modest than their bikini wearing counterparts. However, since this blog is about Hijabi Life, I chose to only feature designers that offer hijabis some swimwear alternatives.

      While the photo may not be the way you would personally wear a modest swim suit, I would suggest reading the content of my blog post versus looking at a picture that makes you want to cry and see if it is beneficial to you. If it is not, then stop reading this blog as it may assault your sensibilities and I would not want to offend you further.

  2. Assalamu’alaikum!

    Great post! I have tried two bathing suits made for hijabi women. I forgot the brand of the first, but once I got my hands on a Burkini from Ahiida…I was in love. It is amazing quality. I bought the modest fit which is nice and loose. I was even able to wear it while pregnant which was a great plus. I love everything about that suit. I’ve been thinking about trying the Zeena one, but if I am not a fan…I’m definitely buying another Burkini. My sister-in-laws have all bought one of them too after borrowing mine!

  3. I’ve tried burkinis from EastEssence a lot of time and absolutely loved its quality. And this post seems interesting, i’ll definitely be ordering my next burkini from this place.

  4. Hi fabulous post glad Extreamly glad I stumbled across it keep up the great work . And the burkinies are awesome me & my sister got them for the summer so we could hit the water amusement parks. May Allah swt bless you with goodness and happiness AMEEN

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