Hijabi Trends: Bras That Fit

Jockey Bra Fit Kit

Finding a bra that fits is important if you want to keep your fashion modest.

What item can instantly slim you and help you have better posture? A proper fitting bra. In terms of modest fashion, most hijabi fashion bloggers/vloggers focus more on the actual outfit or accessories, but what about under garments? No matter what your body type, having the right under garments such as Spanx, bras, or slips can actually help set the tone for your entire outfit. Think of under garments as the essential foundation of your outfit.

Personally, if you wear items that help smooth over trouble spots and wear under garments like slips, you actually stay more modest too! Whenever I see my skirt is too sheer, a slip always does the trick. As a curvy hijabi, having the right bra is important. You want to invest in one that fits properly so you can avoid jawline cleavage, quadriboob (when your cups runneth over), and back bulges. Bra shopping may be a pain because you may not even know your true size. In fact, 85 percent of women wear the wrong one, according to a 2011 study conducted by Griffin Strategic Partners.

Well if you don’t know your size, Jockey has created a new way to get fit for bras that is absolute genius. Jockey recently introduced the Jockey Bra based on a Volumetric Fit System that allows you to measure yourself at home. The bra-sizing kit, which you order online for $20, includes plastic, breast-shaped measuring cups in sizes 1 to 10, a color-coded measuring tape, a lingerie wash bag, and a $20 coupon to put toward a Jockey bra. To determine your size, you choose a cup and lay it on top of your breast. If there’s gapping, you try a smaller cup; if there’s spillage, you try a larger cup. Repeat until you find the best fit, then measure your ribcage. I actually fit myself at the local Jockey store near my home. I ended up with the most comfortable bra I have ever owned. No more back fat, no more spillage, and no more gaps! Yes, it was expensive for me to buy, but this under garment was worth every penny since it ends up making me look skinnier and that is priceless right? I am joking, but jokes aside, my shoulders, neck and back are all thanking me for better distribution of weight. Your body is a gift from God, so please take care of it and try a better fitting bra. If wearing Jockey is not your thing, you can also be fit at any Victoria’s Secret store too. Their Body collection is also very good.

If you are interested in trying the new sizing system but don’t live close to a Jockey store, order a Jockey Fit Kit here. Please note, that I did not get paid or given anything to share this with you. I just happen to really love this bra! I hope you do too.

5 thoughts on “Hijabi Trends: Bras That Fit

    • Ugh, what a bummer! I live literally 5 minutes away from the Jockey store outlet so I just got fit there. Man this bra is the first bra I felt was worth the money. No more straps digging into my shoulders! The other amazing thing was the lack of side spillage. I love this bra. 🙂

  1. I love this post! It is so true that many hijabi fashion bloggers do not focus on the undergarments. It really does make a difference. Now that I am pregnant, trying to find the right bra size is a nightmare. I will definitely see if I can find a jockey store near me. I also love to wear slips under my skirts that are too sheer. I think it was aab that sells long slips you can wear underneath dresses/abayas. Also, HauteHijab has long knee-length t-shirts to be worn under long shirts. I think we need to push for it so Muslim fashion retailers understand the demand for it.

  2. Any bra store worth its salt will have assistants who can help you find a bra that actually fits. For the best ones, one can expect to pay around $250 here in Canada, which is worth it. When you get right down to it, every person is shaped differently and it is strange to expect that they would all fit into the same bras. I know that for the well-endowed friends in my life, having a properly fitted bra was one of the best moves they ever made, and they never ever have regretted spending the money on it. The comfort, the lack of back pain, and the proper support is worth the money.

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