5 Things I Won’t Miss About Ramadan

Ramadan Breath

Yes, we have all been there!

Now that Ramadan is coming to a close, I am actually getting a really sad. When else do so many Muslims collectively get together, overlook shortcomings, are generous, and just have a sense of community like we do in Ramadan? This morning at fajr, I actually wept over the fact that there are only a handful of days of this sacred month left. So I did what any girl with a broken heart does….I tried to think of things I won’t miss in Ramadan to fight back the sadness. Here are my top 5 reasons on why I won’t miss Ramadan (at least this is what I tell myself):

Ramadan Breath

Admit it, you avoid talking to your work colleagues at all costs when you are fasting. You talk to your toddler only to have your toddler scrunch up her face and say “ewww Mommy!” You pretend to turn your head to peruse magazines when you ask a cashier a question. Yep, you have kung fu fighting Ramadan breath. And while you know that it smells sweeter than musk in theory, you also know that you would prefer not to have to speak with anyone in the practical sense. I will not be missing my Hubs’ Ramadan breath as he asks me when Iftar will be ready! Sorry Hubsy. I still love you, Just at a distance.

Lax Bedtimes

Perhaps it is because of my toddler, But I am not a fan of how my toddler insists on staying up with me while I did my tarawih and Quran recitation at night. I am also no spring chicken, so going to bed late only to wake up a few hours later did not give me a “Ramadan glow,” but more like Ramadan bags under my eyes. Trust me, at my age, staying up late definitely is apparent. But was it worth it to get closer to Allah (swt) in my own way? Definitely yes. But for the sake of the kids at my daughter’s preschool, I am glad I won’t be scaring them with my zombie appearance any more.

Fatty Foods

Okay, so this one is totally my fault. In my parents’ native Bangladesh, we welcome Ramadan with deep fried goodies like beguni (eggplant fritters), samosas, and piyaji (lentil fritters). I could have said no to making these fatty fried items, but it just didn’t feel like Ramadan to me without them. So I am glad to bounce back to my clean eating ways. And I am making a Ramadan Resolution to fight against the urges to serve fatty dishes during Ramadan next year inshallah. Pray for me, since this one will be a toughie!

Lack of Exercise

I am going to be real: it is near impossible to exercise during Ramadan. Yes, I know some of you fitness buffs can do it, but us regular mortals need to find the time between iftar and suhoor (which means sacrificing precious time from tarawih and extra worship such as tahajjud or Quran recitation). Yes, our body is an amanah (trust from God), but will Allah (swt) really ask me about my triceps (no, so I choose the extra worship hands down). That being said, I definitely need to get back to shape after Eid inshallah. No more fried foods!

Fighting Over the Moon Sighting

Okay, this is more about Eid, but I will be happy to see those masjid goers who love to fight at the masjid take a chill pill. This one always gets me because we all know that the real reason we don’t know when Laylatul Qadr (Night of Power) is was because there were Muslims arguing! So why are we not learning that important lesson of NOT fighting?

This list is silly, but really, no matter what I say, I will miss Ramadan. You never know if this will be our last Ramadan, so please make the most of these last days. And make sure to pop a mint after you eat Iftar!

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