Hijabi Style: Great Gatsby Inspired

Great Gatsby Hijabi Style

Flapper style meets hijabi style in this collage!

Salaams my lovelies! I hope you are all doing well inshallah. I have been dying to see the movie The Great Gatsby. It is a complex novel with no real heroes or heroines. Just extremely wealthy but human characters who make sometimes fatal mistakes. One of the things that drew me to the recent film adaptation was the dazzling array of fashion looks worn by the characters. It makes me want to go back in time just to wear some of the clothes!

That being said, then reality struck me. First off, there were no such thing as flapper style hijabis back then. The Prohibition brought out the worst in people, there was the impending Depression coming, and you need to have a stick skinny body in order to actually look good in flapper fashions. Good thing there are newer options for hijabis to embrace the fashion from The Great Gatsby without looking like you traveled back in time. As you can tell from my styled collage, curvy hijabis can work the flapper look with a fishtail gown and a nice shrug in a contrasting color.

I was inspired to create this look based on what Amena Khan from Pearl Daisy wore to a tea party a few weeks back. Here is her look:


Amenakin blends the old with the new in a lace dress and silver accents.

As you can tell, I modified the dress for a curvier hijabi. I also took liberties to add a more flapperesque headband and an art deco lariat versus a traditional Hyderabadi satlada.

What is your favorite look at the moment?

One thought on “Hijabi Style: Great Gatsby Inspired

  1. Salams. I loved the Great Gatsby movie. And my friend and I were trying to figure out some ways to incorporate it into our style. You looks stunning. I am definitely following you. Follow my blog too. beautyandthemuse.wordpress.com

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