Online Shopping Review: Abaya Addict

Abaya Addict Solidify

Abaya Addict Makes Amazing Clothing for Hijabis

Salaams my lovelies! I hope you are having a great week. With the Bay Area heating up to almost summer temperature, I really can’t complain. However, when it comes to what to wear, I never know quite what to wear. I want to look nice, but I also want to be comfortable too. I always end up in jeans or a maxi skirt, but I always feel too hot in jeans with this nice California weather and maxi skirts get annoying because most of mine need a lining. I just want a piece of clothing that I can slip on and go and do my thing!

Luckily for me, Abaya Addict has the perfect pieces that look stylish, but are made with comfort in mind. I ordered the Solidify Abaya in Caramel in a Medium size. I wish I could say more about the shipping, but I think I had the unlucky timing to order my items when the force behind Abaya Addict was ready to deliver her baby! I will say that the customer service is superb because even though I had a few ordering issues, once they realized my items had not shipped, they just shipped it along with extra scarves! I had originally ordered a Solidify in Denim, but that piece was no longer available so they asked me to pick another one. I am glad when it came because it fit well. It was modest, well tailored and can be dressed up or down. I dressed my abaya up with a sparkly belt when I headed out to halaqa last week. All the ladies kept asking me where I got my abaya from. Thank you Abaya Addict!

I also like how I can wear this to my office and make it a part of my work wardrobe. I would just throw a blazer on top. It literally is a piece you can wear a million ways and if you feel lazy like I do sometimes, you can just throw it on by itself and go.

I wore one of Abaya Addict’s hijabs yesterday in the California heat and it was so lightweight that I didn’t get my usual headaches from the heat. Plus, the print was so festive that everyone in my office stopped and commented on how nice the hijab looked too.

This online shopping destination is one that any stylish hijabi should visit. Once you do, let me know what you think.

6 thoughts on “Online Shopping Review: Abaya Addict

  1. I seen this page on facebook. I went on the website and saw the amazing dresses that they have which were affordable.
    I ordered this beautiful summer kaftan and couldnt wait until i received it. I ordered it in September. Around the ending of october or the beginning of november i realized i still havent recieved it. I emailed them. Someone replied and stated that it may have been lost in the mail. I had an option to get something else from the website total free of charge or get a full refund. I went back to the website, the original piece i had ordered was sold out. I then enailed them back and said i would like my full refund because the dress i really wanted was sold out. Up until then they were replying to emails after i asked for my refund they stopped replying. Occasionally i will email them and ask about my refund. It is now december still no dress no returned email. Things like this is what makes me scared to online shop. Ive ordered from website that are in Europe and i get my items within a week. This website really dissapointed me. I showed all my friends this website becuase they were affordable modest clothing and thats what muslimas look for. Very very very dissapointed

      • I still would like to order from them because ive never seen a dress like that anywhere else and i was really looking forward to it. But im not sure

    • Hi Fatima, I’ve been a customer with Abaya Addict for two years now. They’re great. I must agree with you though about the shipping and email delay but they are getting better. Deanna Khalil is the owner of the company (Husband and wife company). She’s so down to earth and loves her customers. She also had her second child so their hands were full. Things are much better now, they’re hiring more people and have a U.S. Warehouse so shipping will be cheaper and faster. You should add her on Instagram she wrote all that in her blog. You can also contact her and talk to her about your issue. Good luck 🙂

      • Thank you soo much. I will try to contact her again and will try to order in the future. In shaa allah

  2. This company is the WORST!
    Clothing is not affordable, shipping is outrageous, clothing is poor quality/see through/unwearable/not true to size, not Islamic wear
    Can not get an email back and I have spoken to other sisters about this, and a lot has went to PayPal against them.
    They don’t care about the customer. They don’t care about taking peoples money and stop returning emails. My advise is not to order from them, and take your $ where it’s appreciated.
    They take money for pre-orders which is HARAM, then the pre-order never comes and guess what? You paid for nothing. Horrible company, its ok, because Allah SWT sees all.

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