Perfect Pout

hot pink and red lipstick looks

Get bold this spring with bright lips.

Spring is the perfect time to change up your winter beauty routine and try something different. I know I have been stuck in a beauty rut all winter because my eyeliner pencil is almost a nub and my nude lipstick is all but gone. Since I am definitely more of a smoky eye with nude lips kind of hijabi, I knew I wanted to change it up for spring. I started wearing brighter lip colors. While it may seem scary, it helps to tone down the makeup every where else. I also like to go sheer with a gloss at first so I can get used to seeing my lips with so much color.

Another good way to make sure your lips don’t get smeary is to use lip liner. The Joker look is just not pretty. Let me know your own lip tricks in the comments!

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