Best Friends: Why They Matter In Islam

Muslim best friends

Muslim best friends

Whenever you see the movies, the emphasis is always on finding the One. The One is typically a romantic interest, but what about finding the One in terms of your best friend? I have to say, that may be one of the single most important relationship in our own lives. If you look at all of those movies, isn’t there always a goofy best friend? Even Disney characters have best friends (even if they are a monkey named Abbu).

The reason best friends matter is because they have known you long enough to understand why certain things are important to you. They have also most likely seen you at your best AND worst. And they are always there for you mentally even if they are not physically close by.

One of the most amazing relationships that I have come across is that of Abu Bakr (ra) and the Prophet (saws). They were as we would say now, besties. When the Prophet (saws) realized he was a messenger of God, he told his wife, and then he told Abu Bakr(ra). And when Abu Bakr (ra) heard this, he didn’t dismiss it or think that his best friend was crazy. He supported him from the very beginning. They brought out the best from one another.

That is how I feel about my best friend Farah. She and I met when we were 13. I was a new hijabi and she wasn’t. But we knew we were both Muslim and somehow over the years, we brought out the best in each other. When I need a piece of sound advice based on the deen, I know I can turn to Farah. She always manages to not just say what she knows will make me feel good, but she tries to tell me things from an honest perspective because she cares. That is something no one can ever buy. I remember whenever I falter in my faith, Farah will be there to remind me and lift me back up. I hope that I do the same for her.

One of the most profound stories of the Prophet (saws) I have ever heard is when he was making the escape from Mecca to Medina with Abu Bakr (ra) by his side. A lot of people tend to focus on the chase part of it, but one of the things that touched my heart is that the Prophet (saws) wasn’t alone in the cave when bounty hunters were after his head. He was with his best friend and they had God watching over them.

The reason this touched me, is because whenever I feel alone or in despair, I remind myself of this instance. That we are never alone. That God is always with us even in the darkness of a cave. And if we are lucky enough, we have a best friend to illuminate our lives too. I love you Farah and I know you read my posts, but this post is especially for you. You are always in my duas and in my heart.

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