Life Lessons for A Hijabi


So it’s a New Year and I keep thinking about how much my own life has changed. As a hijabi, I feel like people have a tendency to assume that you should act a certain way.

The beauty of human beings is that we are all different. Some hijabis are loud, some are quiet, some are artistic, and some are pragmatic.

For a long time, I tried to conform to what I thought people expected from me. However, at the end of the day, the best person you can be is yourself.

Obviously, we should strive to be better in our faith and other arenas, but over time I have realized I like myself just the why I am in terms of my strengths.

I love writing which is why I blog. I love how it gives me a way to share my thoughts with all of you. I used to be scared to share what I thought. But now I realize that if I do, I may help one of you embrace your own strengths!

So here is to all of my readers. I hope you have the courage to speak your mind and embrace who you are too.

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