Luxe Touches For Winter Wear

20121109-172915.jpgClockwise from top left: hijab from Inayah Collection, maxi dress from Forever 21, pumps from Banana Republic, and cardigan from J Crew

Fellow hijabi fashionistas always want to keep using a bulk of their wardrobe without having to do a complete rehaul. One way to update your hijab wardrobe is to refresh your fall staples with some luxe touches.

For example, take a maxi dress you already own and top with a cardigan that you use. The new updates may be new heels and a new hijab with pearl detailing.

This winter, it seems like ladylike touches such as pearls and lace can update any look. Think Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O.

There are amazing new offerings all over the place. Look for new cardigans trimmed with lace (Banana Republic has an amazing Anna Karenina inspired collection) and look for lots of pearls. A another trend that carried over from summer is pastels. I stuck with an orange creamsicle hijab for this outfit of the day.

While this look may be daring for some, try taming it with flats. Also, I make sure I wear a long sleeved shirt underneath my maxi dress and cardigan so there are no wardrobe malfunctions!

If you are less adventurous, try stacking pearl trimmed bangles or rings. Or even adding a lace overlay (or underscarf) on your hijab. One easy update I did was wearing a lace headband under my hijab with just a bit peeking through.

What do you plan to wear this winter?

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