Breakfast for Moms On the Go


As a mom who works during the workweek, it’s hard to think of easy halal breakfast recipes. We are always on the go!

I told you all how I am trying to stay fit and healthy, so I have to start making a habit of eating a good breakfast. I always skip breakfast which is so bad for you since it slows your metabolism down. Since I started eating breakfast, I noticed that I am more of a morning person now too Alh.

Since my daughter can touch the front range of my stove now, I like breakfasts that don’t require a stove. My reflexes in the morning are terrible, so anything I can do to avoid a mishap is welcome.

Here is my easy breakfast for you:

English Muffin with Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Pesto


English muffin
Ready made cream cheese pesto spread
Smoked salmon

1) Toast English muffin.
2) Take out of toaster and spread on cream cheese spread.
3) Top with smoked salmon
4) Enjoy!

I know some readers may find this recipe sort of silly, but for breakfast newbies like me this quick fix was perfect! I just felt like sharing. What are some of your breakfast faves?

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