Skincare Basics

Pssssst! I want to tell you all a secret. The secret to having unclogged pores and gorgeous skin. For years, I struggled with clogged pores, disastrous facials, and stress breakouts.

Finally, a genius at Nordstrom Spa used this miracle tool called a Clarisonic on me. While it felt nice, I was skeptical about if it would REALLY work. I mean it’s not a cheap tool that’s for sure.

I mentioned it in passing to my Hubby while I was pregnant, cranky, and complaining about hormone induced breakouts. So he surprised me with it (I think it was mostly to get a rambling pregnant lady to stop talking!)

It was the BEST present I have ever gotten (besides my daughter from Allah of course).

You can use literally ANY cleanser (drugstore, fancy pants, whatever) and it will clean all that gunk off your face, exfoliate, AND unclog pores.

So ladies, if you want to wear less makeup, invest in this. I know I sound like an ad, but trust me, Clarisonic did not pay me a dime for this post.

PS: At first, you may break out even more because using the brush causes more sebum to surface quickly. But stick with it, and you will see your skin improve.

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